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Hands down this will be one of the best opportunities you can give your child. They will thank you this year and for years to come. Adventure Treks is truly a life changing experience. - Margaret Keener, parent from Albuquerque, NM

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Adventure Treks is all about making memories, fostering lifelong friendships and creating more confident and capable young men and women. We are a small and personal company and getting to know you is our biggest priority. But Adventure Treks isn't just about outdoor fun; it's about YOU! We want you to discover your best self, and we believe that the great outdoors is just the way to do it!

Adventure Treks is more than a summer adventure camp.  Our two, three and four week outdoor adventure programs for teenagers ages 13 –18, help great kids build skills for future success.  While our students are having the time of their lives rafting, climbing, hiking, and biking in some of the greatest scenery on the planet, something else is happening. They are growing in numerous ways: self- confidence, social achievement, teamwork, leadership and new outdoor skills, to name just a few.

There's a whole big, wonderful world outside, and it can be easy to miss these days in our electronic filled world. Adventure Treks provides an environment where you can take steps outside your comfort zone. You will be guided by kind and impressive role models who will make a lasting impression.  You will do all this in an environment that's loaded with non-stop fun, excitement and laughter and where safety is emphasized.

We can promise you an unforgettable summer experience, and would love to speak with you personally to learn about your family and see if our programs and goals match yours.

At Adventure treks we focus on:

We hope that you'll be joining our family and making memories with us this summer!


John Dockendorf   -  Executive Director



Imagine you are embarking on a grand adventure! Where do you want to explore?

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West Coast
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Pacific Northwest
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British Columbia
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My idea of FUN includes!

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Rock Climbing Selected
Rock Climbing
Mountain Biking Selected
Mountain Biking
Ice Climbing Selected
Ice Climbing
Whitewater Rafting Selected
Whitewater Rafting
Mountain Summit Selected
Mountain Summit
Canoeing Selected
Caving Selected
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Sea Kayaking Selected
Sea Kayaking
Zip Lining Selected
Zip Lining
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Tent Camping

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I want to make friends with other kids who are...

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14-15 Selected
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Which statement best describes you?

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Excited to try something new Selected
Excited to try something new
I have been to sleepaway camp Selected
I have been to sleepaway camp
I am physically fit Selected
I am physically fit
I am a nature lover Selected
I am a nature lover
I want to improve my leadership skills Selected
I want to improve my leadership skills
I want to gain confidence Selected
I want to gain confidence
I want to escape electronics Selected
I want to escape electronics

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I am ready to depart...

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...the moment school is out!
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...after a break, I have a busy summer!
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