Christine M

Instructor, spring school program

Originally from western North Carolina, Christina joins Adventure Treks for her first season as an instructor. For the last four years, Christine served as a trip leader for Mountain Alliance in Boone, NC, taking high school students on climbing, caving, snowboarding, paddling, and backpacking trips. She’s also worked as a crew member for Utah Conservation Corps in Bryce Canyon National Park. Prior to that, she created new educational programs for parks and recreation programs; was a rock climbing wall supervisor; and worked at Sugar Mountain Resort and Winter Park Resort.

  • Education: Appalachian State University, bachelor’s degree in outdoor experiential education
  • Certifications: Wilderness first aid, USDA Forest Service A level sawyer
  • Favorite outdoor achievement: A trip I am very proud of is my mini thru-hike of the Foothills Trail. It was my first time hiking more than 20 miles in one day, and then I did three more 20-mile days back-to-back to ultimately finish the trail in four days. While I am very proud of the physical aspect, I’m most proud of my determination and mental strength. At the time, I had less than a year of experience under my belt. When I eventually stepped off trail and into the parking lot, I let out a scream of relief and excitement. I finally felt like a “real” backpacker—whatever that means!
  • Favorite hobbies: Backpacking, trail running, rock climbing, snowboarding and skiing, bird watching, textile crafts, and writing.
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled: Utah