Cody B.

Trip leader, California Challenge 2

Cody hails from from Kutztown, PA; she has worked in the outdoor industry for more than 10 years, serving as an instructor, trip leader, program coordinator, and facilitator for various university and youth/teen programs. Cody has also worked in the non-profit sector, specifically with the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps, leading projects related to environmental, community, and disaster needs. She spent four years working for the United States Antarctic Program during the austral summer (October through February) at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. This will be her fifth season as a trip leader.

  • Education: Slippery Rock University; bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Ohio University, master’s degree in recreation, sport science, and public administration
  • Certification: Wilderness first responder
  • Why is working for Adventure Treks important to you? Every summer, I am amazed at the communities that are created by Adventure Treks. Being able to experience these firsthand as they come together, seeing individuals valued and accepted by their peers for who they are, is an incredible opportunity. I feel grateful to be a part of the creation of these experiences, and to get to see the individual and group growth that takes place each summer.
  • What excites you the most about working for AT this summer? I’m excited to see beautiful places, surround myself with nature, and witness individuals challenge themselves and grow. Most important, I’m excited to see individuals become a community and to laugh—a lot.
  • What’s your favorite outdoor memory? Anything involving wearing ridiculous costumes and laughing uncontrollably.