Jack Hoiland

Regional director

Jack, our ninth-season regional director and logistics director, is originally from Portland, OR, and received a bachelor’s degree in adventure education from Prescott College in Arizona. He’s completed a yearlong apprenticeship at a primitive skills school, spent time as a ski patroller, and worked as the outdoor education director at the Portland Waldorf School. Jack is an avid traveler, having visited countries like New Zealand, Germany, China, Holland, and Belgium. In his free time, you can find Jack rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing. Jack is a wilderness first responder and outdoor emergency care technician.

What led you to work in the outdoors? As a student, I always felt more comfortable, energized, and focused when I was outdoors. Outside I felt like an intuitive, natural learner, a feeling I rarely had while in the classroom. I knew that I was not the only one with this experience, and I wanted to be part of facilitating that for others.

What keeps you at AT? As an employee for AT, I don’t feel like I am just there to make the company run. There is a greater mission that I recognize and an inherent value that is placed on the bonds between the people that make up the company. Most issues that I run into with other jobs stem from putting the company before the person, and with AT, they clearly share weight and space.

Why do the outdoors and teaching young people matter to you? I really care about this question and don’t fully have an answer yet, but I am so interested and committed to finding out. The outdoors and teaching young people is such a varied and dynamic experience that it is a fuel that hasn’t burnt out yet, and that has a value all its own. The outdoors provides an important platform for risk and beauty to occupy the same space, and that pairing is such a powerful tool for learning and teaching.