Jake C.

Trip leader: Alaska Expedition 2

Originally from Orange County, CA, Jake grew up spending his summers at camp in Maine, which is where he developed a love and appreciation for the natural world; he’d go on to be a camp counselor and instructor for his home camp and other programs in California. This past winter and spring, Jake served on the ski patrol for Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe, CA; he’s also ski patrolled at Big Bear Mountain Resort and Mt. Baldy Resort. Jake is a freelance photographer and videographer, and he is returning to Adventure Treks for his fourth season as a trip leader. 

  • Education: Chapman University; bachelor’s degree in kinesiology
  • Medical and outdoor certifications: Wilderness emergency medical technician, AAI pro level 1 avalanche, National Ski Patrol outdoor emergency care
  • Biggest outdoor achievement: I skied every month of 2019, all in California and Oregon.
  • Favorite outdoor memory: I was out on an evening hike below Half Dome with some students in Yosemite, and the entire face of the dome lit up in bright orange, and then pink, as the sun set. Finally, the dome went dark, and we began to walk back to camp. Minutes later, it lit back up in an array of pink again! We thought we had just witnessed two sunsets! Turns out the setting sun had just passed behind a very dark cloud.
  • Favorite hobbies: Skiing and hiking! And I am very excited to get outside this summer and remind myself and my students how valuable it can be to just sit in nature.