Lucia P.

Instructor: Alaska Expedition 1b

Currently living in western North Carolina, Lucia joins Adventure Treks for her second season as an instructor. Most recently, Lucia has worked as the language arts teacher at the Arthur Morgan School, a boarding and day middle school in North Carolina with a focus on outdoor education and community living. Previously, she was a gap-year instructor for ARCC where she traveled around China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand with 18-year-old students; she’s also been a program instructor for Berkshire Outdoor Center in Massachusetts, facilitating environmental and outdoor education courses for children and adults of all ages. She spent a summer in New Zealand as an international travel and service program leader for the Auckland YMCA, and before that was an assistant psychologist for the Fundación General Ecuatoriana in Quito for young adults. While at Dartmouth, Lucia was the director of the first-year trips program; interned with Greenpeace; helped manage the college’s farm; and was a counselor at Camp Akeela in Vermont.

  • Education: Dartmouth College; bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Medical certification: Wilderness first responder
  • Favorite outdoor memory: The first time I ever went on a “sunrike” was on Mount Moosilauke in New Hampshire. I woke up at 1 a.m., and we hiked through the night to watch the sun rise from the peak. To this day, it’s still one of the most beautiful and rewarding sunrises I’ve ever seen!
  • Biggest outdoor achievement: I directed and led a 1,000-person outdoor backpacking program in the White Mountains.
  • Countries visited: Canada, Cambodia, Colombia, Ecuador, England, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand
  • Favorite hobbies: I love hiking and backpacking, sleeping under the stars, telling jokes, and singing songs on the trail. I also love comedy in all forms (especially dad jokes), learning cool things about animals, cooking, reading, and hiking early in the morning to watch a summit sunrise!