Ronnie L.

Instructor: Alaska Expedition 1b & Pacific Northwest Adventure 2

Ronnie grew up in Harrington Park, NJ, but currently resides in John’s Island, SC. He graduated from Georgia Tech, during which time he was a whitewater kayaking and caving instructor for the outdoor program. He was also a ropes course facilitator and led the CORE freshmen leadership program. Prior to that, Ronnie was also a counselor at Camp Wingate in Massachusetts. He’s led camping hiking, and snorkeling trips in Israel; backpacking trips in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains; and backpacking trips in Montana. He’s also paddled more than 100 miles through Norwegian fjords and thru-hiked the Dusky Track in New Zealand. Ronnie joins Adventure Treks for his first season as an instructor.

  • Education: Georgia Institute of Technology, bachelor’s degree in business administration
  • Medical certification: Wilderness first responder
  • Favorite outdoor memory: In 2017, seven friends and I thru-hiked the Dusky Track in Fiordland National Park (in New Zealand), and every night, we stayed in these cozy huts in the middle of the jungle. We spent hours together talking, eating, and joking around. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life!
  • Favorite outdoor achievement: I summited Cotopaxi (19,347 feet) in Ecuador, which is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, with three of my best friends from college.
  • Countries visited: Australia, Canada, China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain
  • Favorite hobbies: Caving, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, camping, biking, and running. I also love trying new foods, meditating, and watching telenovelas on Netflix.