Spencer D

Originally from New Hampshire, Spencer spent this winter as a ski instructor and patroller at Bluebird Backcountry in Colorado. Previously, he worked for ski patrol at King Pine in New Hampshire and as a wilderness therapy guide for Summit Achievement in Maine, leading students on different backcountry expeditions in the northeast. While at UNH, he guided backpacking and hiking trips for students and worked as a camp counselor for high schoolers. Fun fact: Spencer has thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail!

  • Education: University of New Hampshire, bachelor’s degree in psychology and eco-gastronomy
  • Certifications: Wilderness first responder, AIARE level 1
  • Favorite outdoor memory: On the PCT, we were battered with rain and hail for a week in the Sierra Nevada. On the last day before going into town, the rain had stopped in the late afternoon, and I kept hiking past where my group had stopped, with the intention of getting into town early and having food ready for them. The hail that day had been so bad that no one was out hiking, I had 10 miles of trail with no one else in sight. That night and morning had the most beautiful sunset and sunrise.
  • Favorite outdoor achievement: Completing the Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled: North Cascades National Park in Washington
  • Favorite hobbies: Cooking, ski touring, climbing, mountaineering, coffee, filmography
  • What are you most excited for this summer? I think climbing and mountaineering can be really exciting. Overcoming daunting challenges often leaves us feeling more confident in ourselves, and I firmly believe our most confident self is our truest self.
  • Previous Adventure Treks trips include Alaska Expedition, British Columbia Adventure