Susan Miller

Susan M.

Instructor: Alaska Expedition 2

Susan hails from Atlanta, GA, and still calls it home. After graduating from Kennesaw State University, Susan became an emergency medical technician (EMT) for the Metro Atlanta Ambulance Company. She was a trip leader for the university’s outdoor adventures program, taking undergraduate students on backpacking, mountain biking, amd rock climbing expeditions. While pursuing her biology/pre-med degree, she also served as a veterinary technician for a local animal hospital. Susan is returning to Adventure Treks for her second season as an instructor.

  • Education: Kennesaw State University, bachelor’s degree in biology
  • Medical certification: Emergency medical technician
  • Favorite outdoor memory:My best friend and I went backpacking last Halloween and brought some costumes to hike in. The looks on other hikers’ faces were priceless!
  • Favorite outdoor achievement: Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail portion of the Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • Favorite hobbies: Learning, making music, backpacking, and drawing.