Tess S.

Trip leader, Alaska 1b & Pacific Northwest Explorer

Tess is returning for her fifth season as a trip leader. She has led backpacking and canoe trips in the greater New England area and enjoys bringing her knowledge of wildlife ecology and forestry into the field. Tess is a graduate of a NOLS Alaska backpacking course and is a Wilderness First Responder and swiftwater rescue technician.

  • Education: Middlebury College; bachelor’s degree in biology
  • Why is working for Adventure Treks important to you? I believe that the outdoors, combined with AT’s dedication to fostering community, is an unrivaled place for teenagers (and instructors!) to find out what it feels like to be the best versions of themselves.
  • What excites you the most about working for AT this summer? I can’t wait to see my students get blown away by the sheer beauty of big-mountain scenery this summer.
  • What do you do when not working for AT? In the fall and spring season, I work with school groups all over California facilitating a variety of outdoor programs. In the winter, I move to a new ski town each year and enjoy working part-time as a tutor and skiing.
  • Favorite outdoor memory? Rowing a clean line down Lava Falls on the Grand Canyon.
  • Favorite quote: “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”