Quick Facts about
Adventure Treks

Welcome to Adventure Treks! Since 1993, we have served more than 18,000 teenagers through our one-, two-, three-, and four-week outdoor adventure camps. Our commitment to creating close-knit and kind communities is what sets us apart; you can compare us to other programs here. If you’d like to dive deeper into our philosophy, please click here. Below, you’ll find a few basic facts about our programs.

Our mission: To create the safest, most exciting, and most substantive outdoor summer adventures for teenagers through our personal attention to every student, our caring, and our competence.

2020 was a groundbreaking year for Asher. He made great friends, bonded with the entire group, and came back taller (figuratively and literally). He gained confidence in himself and his abilities. On top of all of that, AT kept him safe from both the coronavirus and his food allergies. What’s been most valuable is being disconnected from technology and out in nature with a really nice group of kids and instructors. It was Asher’s best sleepaway experience yet (and he’s done a lot). He loved it and can’t wait to go back! – Heather Benn, parent from Greenwich, CT


Our youngest programs start for students finishing the 6th grade, and our oldest programs cater to students finishing high school. *Please note: Students need to be finishing the grade the spring before an Adventure Treks program. In other words, the grade students are in as of September 2020.


Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho, California, Colorado, British Columbia, and Alaska

Trip length

Our trips range from 10 to 30 days.


All trips begin at a designated airport. Students explore the most scenic and beautiful places in a particular region, and travel between activity sites in brand-new, 15-passenger vans. We spend each night in a tent, and students learn how to cook in the backcountry—with plenty of guidance from our instructors! They go backpacking, camping, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, ziplining, ice climbing, canoeing, sea kayaking, inflatable kayaking, mountaineering, and mountain biking. Our Leadership Summit students become certified in wilderness first aid

Adventure Treks was an experience for our son beyond our wildest expectations. We sent a shy, introverted teenager, and he returned as an excited, almost giddy boy. He had so much to share about where he went, what he did and learned, and who he shared different experiences with. His favorite part of the trip was the community for sure. He has never really felt “a part” of a group and returned in a much different head space, talking all the time about who did this and who did that and was so excited to share everything with us. We are very impressed and can’t wait for him to return next year! – Page Johnson, parent from Louisville, KY

Program goals and guiding principles
  • Physical and emotional safety is our top priority.
  • Fun and exciting outdoor activities help teens grow and gain life skills and a greater sense of self.
  • Our exceptional instructor role models take a sincere interest in the growth and development of young people.
  • We inspire young people to develop a lifetime love of the outdoors and with a corresponding conservation ethic.
  • We empower students to create an inclusive and reflective community that maintains a culture of kindness, sense of humor, and spirit of cooperation and volunteerism.
  • We strive to be a sustainable and responsive business, with a focus on our families and the quality of our programs. We form long-term relationships with our students, their families, instructors, staff, and outfitters.
Skills learned

Our students not only learn hard skills, like how to pitch a tent, cook in the backcountry, tie rock climbing knots, and pack a backpack, but throughout their adventure, they’re learning how to communicate face-to-face more effectively, collaborate within their peer groups, become equally good leaders and followers, think more critically during times of problem-solving, and much more! Click here to read about our Great 8 Outcomes and 21st century skills.

  • Average age is 27 (minimum age is 21)
  • College graduates
  • At minimum, all are medically trained as wilderness first responders. However, many more have additional certifications.
  • Significant experience working with teenagers in the outdoors
  • Clean driving record
  • Click here to read more about our instructors.

Adventure Treks offers a great combination of outdoor activities, independence and leadership- building, and a strong, collaborative teamwork environment. Working with peers and meeting instructors with diverse backgrounds who were very open to sharing many perspectives with the students was so valuable to our son. – Tina Falci, parent from Mamaroneck, NY

Group size

A typical trip consists of 24 students and 6 instructors* (our shorter trips have 20 students and 5 instructors); we always maintain a 4:1 or better ratio of students to instructors—the best in the industry! Throughout the trip, students will participate in smaller groups, which is where much of the bonding and magic happens. This mix of small and large group experiences is a key and unique element of our programs’ success. *Our 10-day Pacific Northwest Discovery trip has 12 students and 3 instructors.

Students and program size

We have a selective admissions process, screening new students to ensure that we create excellent peer groups. We limit our program size to 450–475 students, making us far more personal than larger companies.

Return rate

Every year, 50–60 percent or more of our students return for another summer—2.5 times more than other programs. In addition, our instructor return rate has exceeded 60 percent every year for the past 20 years.

All-inclusive price

All outdoor equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, cooking utensils, and group gear), food, and activities are including in tuition. Not included: clothing and personal items, airfare, and trip insurance.

Cancellation policy

All deposits are 100 percent refundable through January 1, 2021. Between January 2 and February 28, 2021, deposits are non-refundable. (If you’ve paid tuition in full and cancel by February 28, you forfeit the $1,000 deposit.) For cancellations that occur after March 1, 2021, deposits and tuition are non-refundable. Adventure Treks must be notified of all cancellations in writing.