2020 Student Testimonials

Every summer, students fill out evaluations of our trips. We ask questions like, “What did you learn from your time at Adventure Treks? What did you think about your instructors?” Our students weigh in below!

Adventure Treks taught me how to include others and how to push through the hard stuff. I was surprised this year at how quickly I got to know everyone. It’s a judgment-free zone in which you can bond with strangers and enjoy the outdoors. The instructors are some of the best people… I really appreciate them! Everything this year was perfect! – Hazel, student from Stevensville, MD

I wish the trip had been longer and that we’d had more time together! I felt like I had a really special bond with the instructors; each relationship was different but all were amazing. I like how easily everyone “clicked.” Adventure Treks is super fun, and I’ve made so many lifelong friends. And it’s taught me so many things! – Remi, student from Columbus, GA

My experiences at AT have taught me that to judge something you have to try it first, and that you don’t have to live near each other or even be similar people to be amazing friends. Adventure Treks is a getaway from normal life, where you get to spend time outdoors and do so many things you’ve never tried before… and make lifelong friends! – Phoebe, student from Katonah, NY

My instructors made me so happy and were so helpful. They cared about us so much. I’ve learned that working together is a great skill. I’ve also learned to love the outdoors and try new things. Adventure Treks is a warm and welcoming place that lets every person be their true self and be part of an adventure that is full of smiles and laughter. – Jessica, student from Cabin John, MD

Our instructors always put us, the students, before them and cared about each person’s interest and feelings. At Adventure Treks, I learned how to make great friends and appreciate the outdoors. You really get to be your true self. – Ryan, student from Miami, FL

Adventure Treks has taught me that the world has so much more to offer than just social media and the same old people from home. I also feel free and that I can be myself at AT, more so than back home. It’s a place to be yourself, make friends, have fun, and live in the outdoors. – Ellie, student from Madisonville, LA

Adventure Treks has taught me the importance of staying positive even when things seem challenging. AT is so much fun and I definitely recommend it! I went into it feeling slightly nervous, but everyone is so nice, and the whole group becomes one big family by the end. – Kaila, student from London, England

My experience at AT was pretty much perfect! I had so much fun, and everyone was accepting and nice to be with. My instructors were fantastic, and I loved every one of them. They always found ways for us to have fun and were easy to talk to. I learned a lot about the outdoors and how to be strong in tough times. I also learned how to communicate better and create good friends in just a short amount of time. I didn’t think this trip could be as good as last year, but it was just as good, if not better! – Virginia, student from Atlanta, GA

My favorite thing about my instructors was the mutual respect. I felt that we both recognized each other as friends, and I was blown away by their accepting and enthusiastic personalities. AT has taught me what my best self looks like, and it’s helped me gain a greater respect for the outdoors. At AT, you’re able to make real friends because everyone is being their true, authentic selves. – Liam, student from Hingham, MA

My instructors were amazing; they were more like friends and I easily got along with all of them. This trip especially taught me that as a team, we can accomplish much more than we could individually. Everything at Adventure Treks runs so smoothly that I have no idea how to improve it. It’s a place where you’re free to be whoever you want. It’s a much-needed escape from the world that everyone should experience. This was by far the best trip I have had. From our amazing instructors to new friends, I wish every trip was like this one. – Ivan, student from Springfield, OH

I loved how my instructors were part of the community; they weren’t just enforcers. I loved how they always wanted us to have a good time. Adventure Treks has taught me how to be a better friend, community member, and lover of the outdoors. I’ve learned how to push myself through uncomfortable situations and cherish every moment I’ve had with the AT community. AT is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve met some of my best friends here… The memories we’ve made and views I’ve seen are things I’ll remember forever. Thank you all for another amazing summer! – Emily, student from Steamboat Springs, CO

My AT experiences have taught me not only how to love and appreciate nature, but the best way to make the best friends is to just be who you want to be. It’s the only place where strangers can instantly feel like family after the first day… it may be that we all share common values and a love for the outdoors, but I think it’s the community that AT builds that makes us feel this way. AT is so amazing—thank you! – Hilary, student from Miami Beach, FL

AT has taught me to cherish the experiences and people in my life more than materialism. It’s a place to escape reality, let go of your boundaries, and truly be yourself in an understanding and supportive community. – Inna, student from Portland, OR

AT has taught me that I can come into any group of people and be myself and make my experience my own, and that I can make myself into a valuable member of the group. While the outdoor activities at AT are so fun, what’s really great about AT trips is the communities you build with your friends and instructors. – Annie, student from Atlanta, GA

I’ve learned through AT how to reach out to others and lead and how to communicate more effectively, and I’ve improved my responsibility, resilience, and outdoor skills. Whenever I describe AT to people back home, I say that it’s the “best place ever” and that it’s the people who make it amazing, not the location. This year, I loved our entire community (including the instructors) and am mega-excited for Alaska next year. Keep doing the things that makes Adventure Treks the best company ever! – George, student from Lovettsville, VA

Through my four AT trips, I’ve learned how to be a team player and work with my peers to accomplish challenges I never thought I could take on. AT is more than a teen camp; it’s a place where lifelong friendships are created. We’re a family here. I can’t imagine a summer without AT. As I grow older, the community here and the life lessons I’ve learned become more valuable. I couldn’t ask for a better home away from home. I feel accepted at AT, and I feel like I can be my true self. I hope to be an instructor one day! – Megan, student from Franklin Lakes, NJ

AT has taught me to love, appreciate, and cherish the outdoors. There’s so much to explore, and through this supportive group environment, you have a ton of fun doing it. I come back to Adventure Treks for the supportive community and lifelong friendships that develop. – Rachel, student from London, England

AT is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The places you go are breathtaking, but the community is really what makes it worthwhile.The instructors are incredible as individuals, but they also work so well together that it just makes the experience that much better. – Ella, student from Greensboro, NC

Adventure Treks has taught me to help and be there for the ones I love, and how to get to know people from all over. I loved my trip and the people, and I felt extremely lucky to go this year. – Krithi, student from Berkeley, CA

Our instructors really cared about us and dedicated their summer to our health and safety. They were amazing people and inspirational to me. During my trip, I learned that I am capable of so much and that I can overcome my fears. AT is a safe, tranquil place dedicated to helping teenagers find their true selves. – Nina, student from Middletown, NJ

At Adventure Treks, you learn how to bond with a bunch of different types of people and how to volunteer. I love AT because you get so close with your community in such a short time! My trip was the best, and I don’t have any suggestions for improving it. – Lulu, student from Huntersville, NC

AT gives you three weeks where you live in the woods with a ton of best friends and learn how to be an amazing person. The AT instructors are always there for you; they’re amazing. This year was the best group I’ve ever had. – Lexi, student from Mooresville, NC

Adventure Treks is a fantastic place; it’s taught me how to help out and how awesome the outdoors can be. I’ve also learned a lot about communication and how to be a good friend. – Daniel, student from Cabin John, MD

Adventure Treks is the best place ever! You meet your best friends and have the most memorable experiences while becoming a better person. I love AT! This year, I had such a great time that I forgot about the coronavirus for a while. – Noa, student from Minnetonka, MN

Adventure Treks is a place where everybody is able to be themselves; the community is amazing, and you won’t regret spending a summer at AT. I love AT with my whole heart! – Talia, student from Cabin John, MD

My experiences at AT have made me into the person I am today. I have gained confidence in myself and learned that it’s important to voice my opinions and ask for help when needed. AT has prepared me for success as I move forward in high school and on to college. – Ellie, student from Mason, OH

AT is a place where you get thrown into a group of strangers that after an incredibly short time become your best friends. Through my AT trips, I’ve learned that being a good friend and community member is more important than just your individual needs. – Liam, student from Atlanta, GA

AT has taught me many things: 1) To love the outdoors even more. 2) Camping is really fun and doesn’t mean you have to eat bad food (just the opposite!). 3) Outdoorspeople are the best. And 4) you don’t have to be in charge to be a good leader. Going to AT makes you appreciate the natural world to its fullest extent, and you make some amazing friends and experience incredible activities. Thank you for running our trip even in a pandemic, and for taking precautions to keep us safe! – Anna, student from Winnetka, IL

Basically everything I do socially, I learned at AT: how to communicate with others effectively, how to lead others, how to listen and give feedback.. You’ve taught me so much! Thanks for a fantastic five years of my life. – Audi, student from Ely, IA

AT has taught me to be open to trying new things. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience that opens you up to new challenges and shows you things about yourself you didn’t realize. – Natalia, student from Brooklyn, NY

You don’t have to be experienced in the outdoors! The community formed is like nothing else… you won’t find cooler people anywhere! – Aaron, student from Chapel Hill, NC

I was brand-new to Adventure Treks, but when I arrived, I immediately felt included. I learned how to appreciate the outdoors and nature, leadership, outdoor skills, and volunteerism. I loved getting to know everyone. – Gabby, student from Chapel Hill, NC

AT is truly the most beautiful way someone can spend their summ! I had an amazing trip… thank you! – Clara, student from Greenville, SC

Adventure Treks is one of the best experiences you’ll have. You’ll meet so many cool people and get to do so many new and exciting things. You won’t regret it! – Emma, student from Durham, NC

Adventure Treks is a place where I always want to be because of the fun memories and the friends I’ve made. I’ve learned to not give up easily and that working hard makes the reward more enjoyable! And the instructors are super supportive and encouraging. – Sophie, student from Brooklyn, NY

Adventure Treks is an amazing community of people who become like your family in just a couple of weeks… and you love them forever! All the students and instructors are there to have fun and be silly. – Avery, student from Asheville, NC

Adventure Treks allows you to be yourself and gives you self-confidence and pride in your abilities. It’s a place where you can be part of a close community and be respected and treated as an equal. People allowed my voice to be heard and everyone valued each others’ opinions. – Michaela, student from Durham, NC

Adventure Treks is your home-away-from-home with people you grow to love and who support you through crazy and fun activities. I’ve learned more about myself and abilities, and how to be open to new experiences. And the instructors are fantastic! I wish the trip had been longer, but I know it wasn’t possible due to COVID. – Mary, student from Tampa, FL

Through AT, I know how to be myself and enjoy every moment of my life. I’ve also learned how to be a leader and how to communicate better in a group. At AT, you can be 100% yourself, and you make memories with the most incredible people while learning new things and being completely surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. I loved AT this summer, and I’d give anything to have stayed with my group for longer! – Zoey, student from Apex, NC

Through my three AT trips, I’ve learned what real relationships are and about the importance of community. I’ve also discovered my love for being outside and challenging myself! I’ve gained self-confidence, which has helped me at home. I love AT! – Emma, student from Huntersville, NC

Adventure Treks has taught me how to be my best self. I’m not afraid of judgment anymore, which is something I take home with me. Adventure Treks is a place where you grow and learn, and a place that you’ll call home before you know it! – Claire, student from Nashville, TN

Going to Adventure Treks after being at Camp Pinnacle was probably the best decision of my life. I’ve learned a lot about nature and how to live in it, and I made a ton of friends. And I learned you don’t have to be “comfortable” to have fun! I loved how excited everyone was for activities and how close we got in only eight days. – Bella, student from Winter Park, FL

You can do lots of amazing things at lots of camps. I chose AT because they take the process of choosing their instructors so seriously. They are adventurous and kind people. Everyone is so nice! – Owen, student from New York, NY