2021 Student Testimonials

Every summer, students fill out evaluations of our trips. We ask questions like, “What did you learn from your time at Adventure Treks? What did you think about your instructors?” Our students weigh in below!

Adventure Treks is a life-changing experience that will rock your world, for the better! I was surprised at how quickly I made friends, and I learned that going out of your comfort zone comes with a lot of benefits. I would like to thank my instructors for taking good care of me and for providing me with an extremely fun experience! – Mac, student from Brooklyn, NY

My instructors were so caring, kind, and smart. They made me laugh when I wasn’t feeling my best, and I appreciated that. At AT, I learned how to make lemonade out of lemons, and how to look on the bright side. (Plus, I learned a lot of outdoor skills.) I made so many new friends while getting closer to the friends I already knew. There are so many fun opportunities at AT—take advantage of them! Everything was AMAZING! – Stella, student from Chicago, IL

My instructors were always willing to help, and they let us have fun and had fun with us. They did an amazing job. Adventure Treks taught me how to keep going and push myself, and I was surprised by how closely I bonded with others. It was an amazing opportunity to see how I was able to push myself. – Amaya, student from Houston, TX

My instructors were welcoming and kind and encouraging, which really made me feel more comfortable at AT. I learned that being pushed out of my comfort zone is both scary and exhilarating, that you don’t need to know people for very long to become good friends with them, and that the outdoors is an awesome place to be! The backpack was a really great way to build community and was very fun. The people and the trip were all amazing. – Greta, student from Piedmont, CA

My favorite thing about my instructors was how inclusive and understanding they all were. Everyone always had my back. I was surprised at how many new friends I was able to make in such a short amount of time. I learned how to be more inclusive and more respectful of others at all times. – Genevieve, student from Chicago, IL

My instructors were really funny and always helped when I needed them. They were awesome. Adventure Treks taught me how to have a great time in the outdoors. When you get there, you may be a little bit scared, but when you get to know your instructors and the other students, you will have a great time. – Nathaniel, student from Piedmont, CA

My experience couldn’t have been better. My favorite thing about my instructors was how fun they were. Adventure Treks teaches you how to be a better person. – Ronan, student from London, England

When I got homesick or anxious, my instructors were very accommodating and did everything they could to help. They were very nice and fun. Adventure Treks taught me how to push myself and do things that make me feel uncomfortable, and even then I can have fun. – Emily, student from Chicago, IL

I learned a lot about the outdoors and now feel almost 100 percent more confident. I had a lot of fun and made great friends. – Olivia, student from Brooklyn, NY

Everything and everyone on this trip exceeded my expectations! My favorite thing about my instructors was their individual personalities. They were so personable and nice. I learned that not everything is as easy as it looks, but if I put my mind to it and work hard enough, I can do anything. This was one of the best trips of my life. I learned so many new things and made so many friends. I would recommend this trip to anyone who is thinking about it. I loved every second of it! – Maggie, student from Hendersonville, NC

My instructors were very fun to be around and always available to us. Adventure Treks taught me that I’m capable of doing hard things, even when I’m scared. I had so much fun and have made such great friends—I didn’t want it to end! – Elle, student from Glenview, KY

My instructors brought so much positivity to the trip, and I liked how they were all unique in their own ways. AT has taught me how to be myself and not let others judge or talk me down. My AT experience has led me to love the outdoors more and pick up new hobbies. And I think AT has helped me be a better person. I was surprised at how strong the bonds were between everybody. – Justin, student from Littleton, CO

My instructors were supportive and understanding. They really do care about the students, and they became our friends. I learned that even if I don’t reach my goals, it’s not all for nothing—there’s still a ton of growth. The community here gives you the support you need to face the hardest challenges. I want to thank my instructors for being amazing! – Sonia, student from Sterling, VA

Adventure Treks is your home away from home. You make friends that turn into best friends that turn into family. – Chase, student from Los Angeles, CA

My instructors supported us at every moment; even in rough situations (1 a.m. wake-ups, a heat wave), they still made Adventure Treks fun and a great experience. I learned I can do way more than I give myself credit for. I am so much stronger and braver than I thought. I was surprised at my ability to be part of the group; I’m a very introverted person but I just let myself explore being more social and it was so nice! Adventure Treks is a place that really, really, really lets you grow as a person. I’ve made so many new friends and let myself try new things that I now love. – Claire, student from Durham, NC

My instructors were so fun and amazing. They felt a lot more like friends, and I really felt like I could trust them. Adventure Treks taught me that I am a lot stronger than I initially thought and can do so much more, whether that’s backpacking when I’m exhausted or using the bathroom in the woods. AT is an incredible experience, and I feel like it changed me for the better. I made so many friends and saw and did things that I will remember for a long time. – Ava, student from Bethesda, MD

My experiences at AT have taught me, most of all, resilience. AT pushes me so hard mentally and physically at times, and I think I gain a lot from that. Making the decision to walk another hour up Mt. St. Helens instead of going down with another group (that wasn’t going to make it to the summit) showed me how strong I was. AT is a place to become your best self, make forever friends, and have the time of your life—all while enjoying the great outdoors. – Kate, student from Durham, NC

My favorite thing about my instructors was how kind and understanding they were. They were able to joke around with us and be our friends, but also be instructors at the same time. I’ve learned how to have resilience and push through hard and difficult times. Adventure Treks helps you find your true self. – Lucy, student from Granville, OH

Adventure Treks is a place to grow as an individual while having fun with friends and being in the great outdoors. I’ve learned a lot of things: patience (especially when tired or stressed); resilience (and that sometimes you have to suck it up when things aren’t perfect); and volunteerism (helping out speeds everything up to have more time for fun!). – Rhodes, student from Rye, NY

It may seem scary at first, but AT is a really supportive community that takes you and other future close friends to see the coolest things you’ll ever see in your life, which is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. (And it’s hard, but getting to the top of Mt. St. Helens is worth it!) My instructors were all super funny and did their best to make sure we all had a good time. – Lexi, student from Highland Park, IL

My instructors were all super nice, accepting, and funny. I never doubted that I was valued in the community. AT has taught me how to be my most authentic self; it’s an incredible way to branch out of your comfort zone and spend time outdoors with friends. – Bella, student from Winter Park, FL

My instructors were so open and friendly and worked so hard to make sure we had the best time—I really appreciated that! AT has taught me that everyone is special in their own unique way and that we all have such amazing characteristics. – Grace, student from Westfield, NJ

Adventure Treks is where I have made some of my best friends. The community is incredible, as are all the sights you get to see. I come back every year because it truly feels like home and a place where I can be my authentic self. I’ve learned that I’m able to have an impact on a community through the friendships that I make, my spirit of volunteerism, and putting myself out there. I’ve learned so much about the outdoors and how to appreciate nature. My favorite thing about my instructors is how kind all of them were, and how willing they are to help. They care so much about us and are some of the most hardworking people I have ever met. I loved this AT trip and am so excited for more to come! – Talia, student from Cabin John, MD

I expected the other students to be great, but I was pleasantly surprised by how AWESOME everyone was! My instructors were very genuine people who were really interested in making the trip an amazing experience. They were really, really funny and kind. I have made friends I hope I will have for the rest of my life, and I experienced eye-opening adventures that I’ll remember forever. I am so excited to see my friends again in Alaska next year! – Melissa, student from Atlanta, GA

Overall, my experience was nearly flawless. I loved every single one of my instructors; they were all very kind, funny, caring, and compassionate. They made me feel special and were always there for me. Through AT, I’ve learned how to be a better person—Adventure Treks allows me to be my best self. – Grayson, student from Columbus, OH

I loved how much I could connect with my instructors. I always felt like I could have a meaningful and fun conversation with them. This trip helped me rekindle my passion for the world. I was able to enjoy the most beautiful parts of the world with my friends. – Maya, student from Chapel Hill, NC

Adventure Treks is a magical outdoor experience where you witness amazing sights and do awesome activities with amazing, caring people. My instructors took the time to ensure we were happy and doing well, and also to connect and share themselves with us. This trip was amazing—well done, everyone! – Daniel, student from Cabin John, MD

Nothing could have made this trip better! I wish I could have spent longer than three weeks with everyone. On this trip, I learned to cherish the natural beauty of the earth and be more thankful of my strong support system in the community. – Ben, student from Midway, UT

Adventure Treks is a very caring and diverse program that builds an accepting culture and community. I want to thank my instructors for this trip—I didn’t want to leave. I’ve never felt so welcome in my life. I loved the trip… no need for changes! – Bryce, student from Ventura, CA

Adventure Treks is where you become best friends with people from all over while learning how to be a leader and doing amazing activities. My instructors were amazing people to be around. I wouldn’t change anything! – Lexi, student from Mooresville, NC

Adventure Treks taught me to have a more open and keen mind, how to use my skills to help me get through challenging situations, and how to have a better love for the outdoors. My instructors were excited about everything, and they had so much love and compassion for this trip. They made the trip incredible. – Jill, student from Charlotte, NC

At Adventure Treks, I’ve learned that I can push myself to do the things I want to do. There were times on the backpacking trip where I wanted to give up, but because of the amazing people around me, I pushed myself to finish. My instructors were always having fun with us and checking in with us. I really hope to see everyone again because I genuinely loved this trip! – Ryan, student from Simi Valley, CA

I had an amazing experience at Adventure Treks. I really enjoyed how my instructors would take the time to get to know each individual student. They were very helpful, kind, and funny. I learned a lot about the outdoors, like about wildlife and safety, and I made a lot of good friends. I definitely recommend it to someone who loves being outside, making new friends, and having a great time. – Sylvia, student from Eau Claire, WI

My instructors were fun and accepting and made it easy to talk to and feel comfortable around. They did a spectacular job, and I have no complaints or suggestions! The Adventure Treks community is full of positivity and resilience, and AT is an amazing program. – Grace, student from Sandia Park, NM

Adventure Treks is this cool, tight-knit community whose people really care about each other and want each other to succeed. I was surprised by how everyone got along really well, and my instructors cared about us so much. They were so funny and positive through all of it. It was an awesome two weeks! – Em, student from Katonah, NY

Adventure Treks has taught me so much about myself and who I want to become as a person. It’s also taught me what a true friendship is and how important it is to have a support system in your life. AT is such a life-changing experience that you’ll never forget because of the opportunity to live with 19 other students similar to you, but so different because they each bring something special to the trip. I couldn’t be more grateful, and if I had the choice, I’d probably stay another month! – Leah, student from Denver, CO

I come back to Adventure Treks for the community. The people at AT are funny, caring, and down for everything, and I always meet the best people. Thank you for a great three years—I’ll miss AT. I appreciate all I’ve learned about myself and nature. I love y’all! – Mattes, student from Potomac, MD

Adventure Treks is your home-away-from-home with people you grow to love and who support you through crazy and fun activities. I’ve learned more about myself and abilities, and how to be open to new experiences. And the instructors are fantastic! I wish the trip had been longer, but I know it wasn’t possible due to COVID. – Mary, student from Tampa, FL

I am beyond grateful for this much-needed breath of fresh air. I have never felt more grounded and connected to the natural world, this community, and myself. On top of that, I have stories and adventures to last a lifetime, and I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned at AT and apply it to all aspects of my life. Words cannot adequately express how thankful I am for this summer and these friendships. – Katie, student from Asheville, NC

Adventure Treks is the happiest place on earth! The people I’ve met at AT are some of the coolest people I know. AT is the place where I truly belong and become my best self. It’s shaped me in a way that has made me a better human and better outdoorsman. My five years at AT have been the best five years ever. I just want to say thank you for making my experiences unbelievable. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without AT! – Sam, student from Highland Park, IL

Everyone was here because they genuinely wanted to be, and because they were excited to be active community members and leaders. My instructors had lighthearted, spirited mindsets about making the most of everything and keeping jokes and laughter a core element. They had incredible knowledge of the world, experiences, and stories to share, which I loved observing and learning from. At AT, I’ve learned to trust myself. Through experiences of becoming more vocal and leading others, one of the more profound lessons I’m taking away is the knowledge and embodiment of trusting my mind and body. AT has an atmosphere of love, adventure, and challenge unlike any other place. It’s truly a community that holds space for the truest, most authentic version of yourself, as long as you show up for it. I am grateful to you all for everything you’ve given to us! – Kate, student from Erdenheim, PA