Adventure Treks Instructor Orientation 2014

AT Staff16 Jun, 2014

Adventure Treks Instructor Orientation 2014 from Adventure Treks on Vimeo.

Check out what Adventure Treks Instructor Orientation is all about…

We have a phenomenal team of instructors at Adventure Treks. We don’t say this lightly but we think this may be the strongest team of Adventure Treks instructors in our 21 summers! It’s been a great orientation and we are excited for you to meet the great role models who will be your instructors this summer. Our instructor team spent seven days of training together in southern Washington where we covered the big picture of all that being an outstanding Adventure Treks instructor entails. From applying recent trends in youth development to an outdoor environment, to refreshing medical skills, to risk management, to van driving, to community development, we all learned and shared a lot. We also played and shared a lot of games. First and Foremost, Adventure Treks is a lot of fun – and if instructors are having fun so are our students! We also formed a powerful and inclusive community which will be the basis of the excellent communities we hope to form with our students on all of our trips.

The Adventure Treks 2014 Instructor Team at Orientation
The Adventure Treks 2014 Instructor Team at Orientation

On Monday, June 16, we divided into our six-person staff teams and headed to our trip destinations. During this second full week of training, our instructor teams will be focusing on mastering the hundreds of small details that take an Adventure Treks trip from being merely good to being exceptional. Our instructors will also be scouting trail heads, refreshing their back country skills on an overnight hiking trip, shopping for food, learning about their students, and planning the final details of your trip.

We are excited to see you at the airport when you arrive on your opening day.

It’s finally summer – get ready to have a lot of fun and visit some incredible places!

Dock, Dmac, Josh, Emily, Jan, Joan, Holly, Rachele and your Adventure Treks instructors


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