Adventure Treks on College and Reunions

AT Staff19 Dec, 2011

It’s been a big week for early enrollment decisions for some of our Adventure Treks Alaska and Leadership Summit students. Huge Congratulations to Anna Gabianelli and Ali Hamlin for getting in to Dartmouth, Michael Moorin for getting in to Princeton, Ariana Lutterman for Yale and Josh Silver for Brown. We can’t wait to hear where others of you are going. Please let us know, we can put you in touch with AT students already attending your new school!

Not everyone is as fortunate to land at their first choice of school as these students did. If you didn’t, please know that sometimes in the big picture that can be a good thing, too. You just may not feel that right now, but you will probably feel great about the school you end up attending at a later date.

We know that the confidence, resilience, love of community, tolerance for uncertainty and independence strengthened at Adventure Treks will be part of the toolbox that will insure these great students’ success at college. Here is a link to an article by my friend and business partner Steve Baskin, a camp director who blogs for Psychology Today on how summer camp gives kids an advantage in college.

Fourteen of our Alaska students attended a reunion in Pennsylvania last weekend and Several Cascades Challenge students will be getting together next week in NC near my home. I am excited to get to see them and hope they can come over for dinner! I am so thrilled that friendships made at Adventure Treks are thriving beyond Adventure Treks and are important enough for people to work hard to spend holidays with each other. These relationships are what Adventure Treks is all about and i know many more of you will find time to visit Adventure Treks friends. One group of former AT instructors, now in their late thirties and with children, have gotten together every New Years Eve for the past 11 years!

All 2011 students should be received something from us soon. We are proud of our new 2011 brochure. It will be landing in your mailboxes in early January. Enjoy the run up to the holidays.

Best, Dock


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