Announcing the 2014 Adventure Treks Instructor Team!

AT Staff13 May, 2014

We are excited to announce our 2014 Instructor Team. For summer 2014, we will have a total of 73 instructors. They average 27 years old, hail from 21 different states and collectively have over 221 years (or over 3 years) of Adventure Treks experience apiece. Over 60% of our 2013 instructors will be returning this year. (Our return rate has exceeded 60% for the past 19 years.) Every instructor has at minimum a Wilderness First Responder medical certification and several instructors are trained as Wilderness EMT’s. All have significant experience working with youth outdoors. Most importantly, they are impressive role models.

Meet Our Instructors for Summer 2013

This video is from Summer 2013 but most of the great folks in this video will also be part of summer 2014!

Eight of our instructors were former Adventure Treks students. Virtually every instructor is a college graduate and thirty percent hold or are working towards an advanced degree. During the rest of the year our instructors are teachers, graduate students, ski instructors, professional ski patrollers, professional mountain guides or work for college outdoor programs or outdoor education and science schools. We have instructors who have biked across the country, paddled the entire Mississippi River, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail or the Appalachian Trail and biked the Great Divide Trail. They have lived, worked and traveled all over the world.

We began with over 600 applicants to hire the 33 instructors who will be new to us this year. Each new hire had three separate interviews, four reference checks and a thorough background check. We are excited to welcome these folks to our Adventure Treks community. They are an impressive group and have much to add to our team. I am excited to watch these outstanding and committed role models inspire our students.

Our senior staff; trip leaders and regional directors begin a four day retreat near Mt Hood in Oregon on June 4th. Our entire instructor team meets north of Portland on June 10th for 7 days of intensive orientation. On June 17th our instructor group breaks into their 6 person staff teams to do an additional week of trip specific training before they greet their students.

2013 Adventure Treks Instructor Orientation
Our 2013Adventure Treks Instructor Team

There is something about the camaraderie of Adventure Treks instructors that makes us friends beyond the summer. Being role models, we know that the energy we invest in building close friendships with each other and the kindness and respect with which we treat each other filters down to our students. One of the reasons we have a lengthy orientation is so we can build relationships that will help us work better together during the summer. When we watch our students treat each other with great respect and form close communities, we know we have done a great job modeling.

We will publish tentative instructor assignments to specific trips shortly. Please understand that instructor teams may change as we balance and match the best possible combination of instructor personalities and skills to each Adventure. We are excited for the summer to begin!

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