Fall Update from Adventure Treks

AT Staff02 Oct, 2012

Happy fall!

Although your summer trip ended a while ago – and I’m sure you probably feel you have been back in school for forever, here at Adventure Treks, we haven’t even begun to slow down. it still feels like summer! We only had five days between ending our summer season and beginning our fall programs. Each week from late August through late October, schools arrive for a week of outdoor and or science education. This Fall, we will serve students from six different states and run 15 different programs. This week we will have 26 AT instructors, 2 different schools, 135 students, 14 teachers, and 8 vans all going strong. Plus / Delta is still alive here in the mountains of Western NC!

Schools are beginning to realize that stuff like character, resilience, confidence and leadership are as important as academics for success. These things are simply better facilitated outdoors than in a classroom. Our school programs are not adventurous compared with say a summit on Mt St. Helens, but our programs are downright hard core when compared with a typical day at school. Imagine watching your teachers, rock climb, backpack and whitewater raft!

Last weekend, we held our AT 20th reunion party. Instructors and former students from years past all gathered together for a fun weekend at Camp Pinnacle for outdoor activities, live music, great food and even better stories and conversations. It was great seeing so many people who have made indelible marks on Adventure Treks. Ever sung “Sold to the Lady in the second row…?” That song was first brought to AT by Rowdy Perry in 1999. He is still as funny as ever and about to have his second daughter. We can go on and on about the many characters who have helped define AT– it was great to see so many wonderful folks together again! Our former students and instructors are all doing incredible things. From College professors, to school reform leaders, to non profit heads to Government officials, they are all there making the world a little bit better!

Much is going on at the AT office. Sam Carlson is here making several new videos. Expect to see the brand new AT 2012 memories video next week. Sam always amazes us with his talent and this new video is a lot of fun. Keep checking your email for the world premier release!

Niki has created the 2013 AT summer schedule together. It’s a lot of work putting the details, outfitters and permitting in place. Her hard work pays off and next year’s trips will be even better.

Holly is working on our new website and an updated AT logo and Sandy is working on getting our 2013 paperwork ready and trying to make things easier on parents. D’Mac is running school programs and will begin hiring instructors for next year soon. Many of your favorite instructors have already committed to returning.

We are also hard at work renovating Camp Pinnacle, our summer camp for ages 8 – 14 and home to our AT Blue Ridge trips. Camp Pinnacle had an incredible inaugural summer and we’re excited to now be able to provide AT type magic for younger kids. Our CP counselor team was comprised 100% of former AT students and they rocked! Now somebody can join CP / AT for 11 consecutive years (ages 8 – 18) and have an amazing and different experience each summer.

We are getting excited for summer 2013. Many of your friends have already signed up. Remember if you sign up for summer 2013 before Oct 15 your parents will save $100 off 2012 prices and we will even throw in a very cool AT Capilene shirt for you. We are already getting excited to get back outside for summer 2013. Let us catch up on some sleep first, that won’t happen until November, but we are having too much fun, right now!

Stay in touch, we miss you!

Best, Dock


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