Forming a Community from Around the World.

AT Staff23 May, 2013

Adventure Treks students consistently say that a highlight of Adventure Treks is making great friendships with students and instructors from across the country and around the world. Knowing people’s world views are partially shaped by the communities in which we live, making friends with people who have had different life experiences is a wonderful opportunity.   It’s also nice to discover that when we share a unified vision for our trip, it’s easy to all work together towards a common goal and together create a community that fosters a culture of kindness, inclusion and respect.

Where is everyone from at Adventure Treks

This year, we will welcome students from 39 different states and 15 countries.  We are still waiting to get a student from North Dakota. If you know anybody in  Bismark or Fargo, please send them our way!  The graphic above shows where our students and instructors will be coming from.  This map will expand a little as we fill our  last spaces for the summer over the next few weeks.

Please get any remaining paperwork in to our office as our truck rolls across the country in early June.  Remember to get in your best possible shape and break in those new boots! The first Plus-Delta of the summer will be at trip leader retreat near Mt. Hood, OR on June 5!

We can’t wait to see you on your opening day. Good luck with your final exams.

Best, Dock


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