What Could We Possibly be Doing in the Winter?

AT Staff02 Feb, 2015
Goldbach, Josh AT
AT Superstar Josh Goldbach is unafraid to fly his AT Colors!

A comment that I hear often from people when I tell them I am work at Adventure Treks is, “what could you possibly be doing in the winter?” To put it simply, a lot! The surprising thing about running a summer (and fall) program is, it takes almost 3 times as much work in the off season to run those 6 months of programs. Here are some things that we are doing:

Talking with families; prospective, new and returning. You form the basis of Adventure Treks, and it is because of you that our program is as successful as it is. We feel fortunate that we are small enough, so when you call, we can get to know you as a parent, family and partner in how we operate our programs.

We are also working to get new students to come for their first time! We have several trips that are already full, and several more that are close. There are already 250 students committed to come for the summer of 2015, which is over 60% of capacity!

Josh is in the process of hiring new instructors and inspiring veteran instructors to return (Josh will talk more about this next week). Interviews have begun, and we have already hired several great new instructors. Again, we are anticipating a 70% return rate for our veteran instructors!

We have already begun to plan Instructor Orientation and Trip Leader Retreat. Staff training is 2 weeks long and we want to make every moment count!

Kate is well into logistics, and she is currently reserving campgrounds, talking with outfitters about the summer, and the biggest one of them all; getting all of our permits renewed on federal lands. Each permit takes at least 5 hours of time to complete (and we have 15 permits).

The brochure took a few weeks to create, but we hope it has arrived at your house. If you did not receive a 2015 AT brochure or would like some to pass out to friends, let us know! We will happily send one out to you ASAP!

The new hat and t-shirts have been designed and are getting ready for the final proof. I must say, that I am really excited about how they look (and I promise the hats will fit better this year!) If you really want to know what they look like, you’ll have to wait till your trip starts. I just can’t spoil the surprise.

On top of all of this, Dock and Josh will be doing a little traveling.  Dock was in Durham, NC last weekend at Triangle Day School. Later this winter, he or Josh will be in Nashville, Florida, Boston and New York. If you are interested in having us come to your area, please let us know. We will try to work a trip to your area.

While there is always a lot going on, we are eager and excited to talk with our parents and students. So, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, or just want to say, “Hi” please give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and hear about any adventures you are having this winter!

All the best for a great 2015 and happy Groundhog Day! Since the Groundhog saw it’s shadow today – only 140 days until our first students arrive! We are excited!



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