Reflections on Instructor Orientation 2011

AT Staff17 Jun, 2011

I am very excited for your child to meet the outstanding role models that comprise our 2011 instructor team! This is our strongest team of instructors ever. (And I don’t say this lightly!) Each six person Adventure Treks instructor team has a great balance of fun and engaging personalities with the right mix of “hard” and “soft” skills so they can lead an exciting and effective trip and connect with every single student. I wish my own children were old enough to spend time with these wonderful role models. Please watch our recent video so you can meet just a random few of our many incredible instructors.

We’ve just completed 7 days of Instructor orientation and our instructor’s enthusiasm for creating indelible and incredible experiences for youth far exceeded my extremely high expectations. It’s a privilege to have so many returning instructors with multiple years of Adventure Treks experience at orientation to help model the Adventure Treks culture to our new instructors. At orientation, we share the big picture stuff… Safety, and Adventure Treks standards, policies and procedures. We also discuss trends in youth development and education and how to successfully reach children who are raised as digital natives. In many ways, we run orientation so it feels like an Adventure Treks trip. We want our instructors to know what it feels like to be a fist time Adventure Treks student.

Our instructors are now spread out across the country in their six person teams. From New Hampshire to North Carolina to Utah to British Columbia to California, each staff team will spend the next week, breaking in their brand new 2011, 15-passenger vans, learning their trip logistics, organizing food, meeting with outfitters, and assessing snow and trail conditions. Of equal importance, they will be working on their communication and community so they can effectively model a culture of kindness, caring and open communication to their students.

If I were to sum it up, Adventure Treks is the place a person comes to be their best self. One can focus on the activities, the outdoors the great scenery and the fun events and be completely satiated; but Adventure Treks is much more than outdoor activities. We want our students to feel great about themselves and realize how capable they are. Our instructors are bringing “their best selves” to your child’s trip. We are excited for the magic to begin.

Best regards,

John Dockendorf


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