Staff Spotlight: Austin Coolidge

AT Staff21 Feb, 2018

We are excited that Austin Coolidge will be joining us this summer for his third season as an Adventure Treks instructor.

Seasons with Adventure Treks: I’ve been with Adventure Treks for two seasons (one summer and one fall), and I am returning for a third season this summer!

University attended: University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. I received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

Favorite AT Activity: Ice climbing on the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska!

What are you currently doing? I am putting my degree to use as a high school chemistry teacher in Florida.

What made you want to work as an outdoor educator? I worked in a chemistry lab after undergrad, but I missed the outdoors and working as an educator in those contexts. I have a passion for sharing the outdoors with people, and Adventure Treks is the perfect platform for this passion because they choose the most breathtaking destinations for their trips.

What’s your favorite AT memory?  Watching the sun almost set on a backpack in the Talkeetna National Forest in Alaska last summer.

Sea Kayaking in Alaska on the Prince William Sound.
Sea kayaking in Alaska on the Prince William Sound.

What’s your favorite AT meal? Bagels and lox

What keeps you coming back to AT?  Adventure Treks puts a lot of effort into creating an inclusive environment for its staff and students. They also hire the best of the best for their staff, easily the best and most capable staff I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to? Sea kayaking on the Prince William Sound in Alaska was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

Tell us something unique about you. I’ve come close to breaking the world record for number of books balanced on head…


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