Thinking of all our AT Families in Harm’s Way and Thanking You for a Great Summer!

Dave McGlashan07 Sep, 2017
The 6th and 7th grade from Battleground Academy from Franklin, TN is joining us this week.

Between hurricanes, wildfires, and unsettling international and domestic events, our world seems to be turning upside down. Our hearts go out to our Adventure Treks families in the Houston area. Fortunately, all seem to be doing OK and focused on helping others. We are grateful that Irma has spared our families in the Dominican Republic but it’s with nervous anticipation that we fear for our Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee families. Meanwhile, we have AT families in Oregon packing up in case they need to evacuate from rapidly approaching wildfires.

We hope everyone comes through these challenges safely and without disrupted lives. We know you are resilient and that if and when you can, you will be reaching out and helping others less fortunate than yourselves. When we face challenges together, it unites us and helps us focus on friendships, community, and being part of something bigger than ourselves. It reminds us how unimportant material possessions can be, the same thing we stress at Adventure Treks.

We expect to take a bit of a hit from Irma on Tuesday here in the mountains of North Carolina, and we feel almost guilty sharing an update on Adventure Treks, when others will be dealing with much bigger challenges. Hopefully knowing Adventure Treks will be there, waiting for you next summer, can provide a bit of solace in the middle of a storm.

With Labor Day behind us, summer vacation officially over, and school back in session, we wanted to thank Adventure Treks parents for allowing our students to join us this summer. From our end, the summer ended way too soon, and we hope this video reminds you of some of the instructors and adventures that made this summer special.

Though the Adventure season is over, life at Adventure Treks remains very active. We have transitioned from summer programs to educational programs. Each week between mid-August and mid-October, schools visit us for week-long community-building, outdoor education, and/or science programs in Pisgah National Forest or at our very own Camp Pinnacle in North Carolina. Some schools have been coming for as long as 25 years, and we work with schools from as far away as Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee. Many of our instructors are still working with us here in NC—you can see who is working here!

Please stay safe in the challenging weather events ahead; our thoughts are with all of you, our Adventure Treks family!


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