Welcome Adventure Treks Students!

AT Staff26 Jun, 2016

It’s been an exciting week greeting new and returning students in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina, and soon Alaska! Our regional directors Josh, Dmac, and Erica have been flying back and forth, with one of us joining each instructor team in welcoming every trip.

By Tuesday, June 28, we will have 186 students and 53 instructors on 10 different trips in 9 different locations. Meanwhile, instructors for California Challenge 2 and Alaska 2 are currently in orientation at our west coast basecamp in southern Washington.

Below is a video from our two-week orientation earlier in June to give you a feel for the people and substance behind our rigorous and fun 2016 staff training.

We feel this is the most experienced, capable, and hard-working team of instructors we have had in our 23-year history. Most important, we feel they are tremendous, yet realistic, role models. We are all very excited that the summer has begun and that our first round of  students are finally here! Our job is now to facilitate incredible experiences filled with a myriad of growth opportunities.

Besides the people, we bring a lot of outdoor equipment! Having high-quality gear makes every outdoor experience just a little better. This year at orientation, we counted out…

  • 21 brand-new 2016 Ford Transit vans
  • 12 trailers
  • 6 2016 minivans (Alaska trips)
  • 376 sleeping bags
  • 376 sleeping pads
  • 320 Deuter and Osprey backpacks
  • 170 Big Agnes tents
  • 170 MSR stoves
  • 75 first-aid kits
  • 70 cases of fuel
  • 27 van boxes
  • 27 van first aid kits
  • And much, much more…

Here’s to the summer ahead!


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