After Your Trip

We hope the excitement and great memories of your student’s trip last long beyond the summer! Here are a few things to expect after the adventure ends.

Post-trip paperwork

In the weeks following your child’s trip, expect to receive several items from us. We’ll email a survey and contact list about a week after your child arrives home, and by the end of September, you’ll also receive a full evaluation of your student’s experience, written by their instructors.

Please give us until September to mail evaluations (even for trips ending in June). While we aim to have these items to you sooner, please recognize that student groups in the field are always our first priority.

Stay in touch

We know that our students love to keep in touch throughout the year; here’s how to do so!

Refer a friend

Many of our wonderful new students come to Adventure Treks for the first time from hearing about us from a friend. If you’re a returning student and would like us to send information to a friend or family member, please click here.