Photos from Your Summer

During each trip, instructors will be taking photos and sending them to the office for our trip updates. Please know that they are not able to send photos every day due to irregular cell phone service.

Sometimes, cell service permits instructors to only send small-sized photos. Also, most of our instructors lead two trips every summer, with only a few days between trips, and are not able to send full-sized photos from their first adventure. Rest assured that at the end of the summer, we will gather every photo from our instructors and are usually able to get full-sized images.

After we’ve compiled and organized all trip photos, we will upload them and email you a link to your student’s trip album no later than September. There is no need to buy photos in CampInTouch, as we provide them at no charge. Please be patient as we upload more than 15,000 images from all of our trips!

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