Information about Third-Party Program Insurance

Program insurance is not required by Adventure Treks, but is strongly recommended on summer 2023 trips. Each year before their trip starts, some students must cancel their participation in an Adventure Treks trip because of medical reasons or unforeseen family or personal circumstances. Should your child be unable to attend or depart a summer trip early, program insurance can help you recover the cost once Adventure Treks tuition becomes non-refundable after March 1, 2023.

Program insurance policies can cover a variety of situations, including (but not limited to): illness, injury, evacuation, or emergency medical coverage; travel delay; lost baggage; trip interruption; etc. Most policies require you to purchase coverage within 15 to 21 days of your initial deposit in order to include pre-existing conditions and the additional “cancel for any reason” upgrade (which we highly recommend purchasing). The cost of insurance policies typically ranges from 3–5 percent of the total program cost (policies offered also vary by state).

Adventure Treks does not offer any insurance policies, nor are we affiliated with any insurance company. If interested in learning more about trip insurance, please contact insurance providers directly. A few companies we recommend (because our families have used them in the past and have had good experiences) include Travelex, TravMark, and TripMate—though you’re welcome to use any insurer you prefer.

Though we try to remain informed and up-to-date regarding policy changes with insurance providers, remember that the providers themselves are your best source of information, so we always recommend calling them directly with questions.