Student Photo & Video Contest

The 2023 student and video contest is here!

Want to win an awesome Adventure Treks prize and have your photos featured? That’s right—it’s time for our annual student photo and video contest!

Send us the best five to 10 photos and/or videos that you took on your 2023 trip (these have to be photos you took—not photos that your instructors took… we’ll know the difference). Everything you submit has the chance to be featured in our brochure, on our website, and on social media. One lucky student will win an awesome AT prize!

How to enter:

Share your five to 10 best photos and/or videos that you took one of two ways:

  1. Submit via Google Drive or Dropbox with (recommended option), or
  2. Email your photos and videos to

Submit your images and videos by October 30. A winner will be chosen and announced by November 1

Vaughn Summers, one of the 2022 winners
Birch Craig, one of the 2021 winners
Lulu Scruggs, 2020 winner

Our 2018 winner above: Hugh Besl from the Alaska Expedition. Our runners-up below: Natalia Macia on British Columbia Adventure (left) and Zach Johnson on Yellowstone Teton Adventure (right):

Jackson M AK WINNER 1200
The 2017 winner: Jackson Megar