Recommended Brands & Items for Summer Packing Lists

Below are brands that we’ve used, are familiar with, and can recommend for Adventure Treks trips. Please use this more as a guide—not a definitive or exhaustive list (you are not required to buy these brands). (We try to keep these links up to date, and we apologize in advance if any don’t work!)

Please refer to your student’s specific packing list (available in CampInTouch) for more detailed information regarding each item.

Online gear shops

Pre-owned/used gear (many items sold in like-new condition)

Soft-sided duffels (no wheels)
For your head

Polarized sunglasses

Please only purchase polarized sunglasses.

  • (various options)
  • Walmart and Target (various options)
  • Goodr
  • Tifosi
  • Croakies (leash/retainer)
  • Chums (leash/retainer)

Neck gaiters/bandanas

Mosquito head nets

For your upper and lower body

Rain jackets 

Rain pants

Synthetic (not down) insulated puffy jackets (not included on every trip’s packing list)

Non-cotton fleece jackets or pullovers

Wool or synthetic (non-cotton) baselayer tops & bottoms

Sun shirts (long-sleeve) with UPF protection

This is more like a very thin shirt (often with a hood), not a thicker/neoprene rash guard.

Hiking pants & shorts

Fleece sweatpants/joggers (not included on every trip’s packing list)

Outdoor/active underwear

Gloves or mittens (please check your specific packing list for fleece vs waterproof)

For your feet

Hiking boots (please check your specific packing list on whether you’ll need waterproof boots)

Have your child try on at least several pairs (with their hiking socks) to see which brand fits the best! Please purchase mid- to full-height boots (not low-height shoes).

Wool or synthetic (non-cotton) hiking socks

Sandals/water shoes

Sandals must have a heel strap—Crocs do not count.

Gaiters (not included on every packing list)

Outdoor gear

Technical daypack (only required for Peru)

Camp chairs (with no legs)

Trekking poles (please check your specific packing list for required vs optional)


Water bottles & hydration bladders

Quick-drying camp towels

Make sure to buy a larger size for showers.

Nylon stuff sacks (optional)

Camp pillows (optional but recommended)

Sleeping bag liner (optional but recommended if your child gets cold easily)

And don’t forget your flair! Below are some of our favorite flair outfits from both students and instructors.