Adventure Treks Headlamp Series: Craig McGowan

Josh Goldbach04 Apr, 2014

Craig Mcgowan - Adventure Treks Trip LeaderName: Craig McGowan

University Attended: Brown University, BS Environmental Science / Georgia State – MAT Secondary Science Education

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

Years with Adventure Treks: 4 Seasons – Currently a Trip Leader

Favorite A.T. Activity: Toss up between backpacking and whitewater kayaking.

Cool Fact: Craig’s left arm is a 1/2 inch shorter than his right due to a few broken wrists when he was growing up.

What do you do for work when you are not with Adventure Treks?

I currently work as a sixth grade science teacher in Atlanta, GA, but I will be attending UNC – Chapel Hill in the fall to earn a masters in biostatistics.

Do you have a most treasured piece of outdoor gear?

This would have to be my pack. It fits like a glove and can easily carry 60+ pounds, but it is nice and lightweight and very durable.

Do you have a dream travel destination?

I would love to spend a few weeks backpacking and climbing in Patagonia. I’ve never been to South American and am jealous of all the pictures I see from friends!

So you have worked with Adventure Treks for 4 years, what keeps you coming back?

The students and the instructors keep me coming back year after year. It’s an honor to work with and lead such amazing outdoor professionals, and to get to spend my summers with the awesome AT students ! One of my favorite parts of an AT trip is the Mexi Cook Off after the first backpack. It’s amazing to see how much the students have already started to come together as a community at this point and how excited they are to reunite with their friends who were in the other backpacking groups.

Finally, the questions we have all been waiting for… If you could cannonball into a swimming pool filled with anything, what would it be?

Obviously cotton balls. The amount of fluff would be both staggering and amazing.

Thanks Craig, we are excited for another awesome summer!

– Josh Goldbach

Staffing Director


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