Adventure Treks Headlamp Series: Brandon Tyrrell

Josh Goldbach17 Feb, 2014
Trip Leader Brandon Tyrrell
Trip Leader Brandon Tyrrell

The Adventure Treks Headlamp Series showcases some of our exceptional staff, instructors and alumni. Check back often to read bio’s of the wonderful people who are the A.T. community, not to mention read up on the philosophy that makes Adventure Treks tick!

Name: Brandon Tyrrell

University: Adventure Education / Human Development – Prescott College, Arizona

Years w/ A.T: Four as an Instructor. (Currently a Trip Leader)

Favorite A.T. Activity: Canoeing in Colorado

Dinner of Choice: Yahoo Dinner!


So what do you actually do for Adventure Treks?

Maximize Safety. Maximize Fun.

Do you have a treasured piece of outdoor gear?

My Patagonia R1 Hoodie… I always have it with me either climbing rock faces, mountain bike riding, or skiing in cold Montana. If you don’t have one you should probably go out and get one.

Do you have a favorite A.T. memory?

One summer we built a slip-n-slide on California Challenge during a rainstorm at our campsite. We didn’t let the rain ruin our parade that day. Also, I remember the most hilarious game of capture the flag in Bend, Oregon after a long drive day.

What is your spirit animal, and why?

Well, the house cat because they are:

  • Patient, always waiting for the right moment to act
  • Independent, while also enjoying connecting with others
  • Adventurous and courageous
  • Deep, you are always uncovering new layers of their personalities
  • Curious, they enjoy the exploration of the unknown

What do you do when you’re not at Adventure Treks?

I teach alpine skiing in Bozeman, MT. When the snow dries up I am a Course Director in Southern California at a non-profit experiential education company called Boojum. When I find free time I try to get on my bike and ride around the USA. I also love spending time at my local bike co-op fixing bikes.

What keeps you coming back to A.T?

The community of people I work with and the incredible students who come back year after year.

Finally, if you could cannonball into a swimming pool filled with anything, what would it be?

Jello Pudding Swirl, I still don’t know how I would get out…


Thanks Brandon, we look forward to working with you again this summer!

Stay tuned for more fun profiles of Adventure Treks Staff & Alumni through the A.T. Headlamp Series.

– Josh Goldbach

Staffing Director


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