How to Apply

Application window

We will begin accepting applications for 2021 in October 2020. We encourage candidates to submit their resumes and applications promptly.

How to apply

If you meet our qualifications, please email your resume and cover letter to our staffing director, Rachel O’Neil, at

Application process

Once we receive your resume and cover letter, we will email you a link to our staff application for qualified candidates. After we have received a completed application, we can begin our thorough interview process, which includes at least three interviews to ensure that we are a good match for each other. We will also check professional references and perform a background check. This hiring process is time-intensive, but we have found it to be the best way to create incredible instructor teams. Most instructor applicants are impressed with the thoroughness of our interview process. 

Positions available

Qualified candidates who are new to Adventure Treks will be applying for an instructor position (only returning senior staff are eligible to be trip leaders). Please note that prospective instructors are not applying to work a specific trip, but rather to work at Adventure Treks. Specific staff teams are created once the majority of hiring has been done in May, and teams will be assigned to trip locations then.

Important dates

  • The summer season and mandatory staff orientation is June 9 to June 15, 2021, near Cascade, ID. 
  • The summer season ends August 15, 2021.
  • There are limited spots available for shorter contracts; please let Rachel know if your schedule is limited. 

6 tips for preparing for your interview

  1. Review our instructor job description and your strengths. You not only want to be informed about what we’re looking for, but also how exactly you meet our requirements.
  2. Research us to understand our mission, culture, and what we do.
  3. Think through and rehearse your responses to common interview questions.
  4. Prepare a few questions to show your interest and engagement in being an instructor.
  5. Be on time and communicate. Let us know as soon as possible if there is a conflict in your schedule, if you’re running late, or if are not interested in interviewing.
  6. Look and sound professional. Two interviews are over the phone, and one is over Skype.


If you have any questions, contact Rachel, our staffing director, at