Alaska Expedition – 30

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Alaska Expedition – 30



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10th, 11th, 12th


30 Days

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Anchorage, AK (ANC)

For 30 days, step into the Last Frontier, a wild region surrounded by turquoise fjords, lush forests, and massive glaciers. Explore the Chugach Mountains’ mossy alpine meadows and spruce and birch forests, and ice climb on the impressive Matanuska Glacier, then hike through the Talkeetna Mountains, where rolling hills transform into jagged peaks. Navigate the bluest-green waters you’ve ever seen while sea kayaking in Prince William Sound. Finish your trip with a backpacking adventure in Denali State Park, where you might catch a glimpse of North America’s highest peak.

The Alaska Expedition is perfect for teens looking for the next level of challenge in the outdoors. With expert guidance, we ensure a supportive and fun environment where everyone will thrive.

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Alaska Expedition Itinerary

Backpack in Chugach National Forest

For four days, refresh your backpacking skills as you set out on perhaps the most scenic hike in the entire range: Crow Pass (which follows the original Iditarod Trail). You and your group will pass over glaciers, through mine ruins and wildflower fields, and beside waterfalls. You may see moose, caribou, goats, and other wildlife native only to this subarctic region. Prepare to glissade down a snowfield!

Ice climb on the Matanuska Glacier

One of our students’ favorite activities: Spend three days learning how to ice climb on this sparkling blue glacier. Learn how to ascend gently sloping walls with ice tools and crampons, and pose for a photo op at the top of each climb. You may even get up close and personal with a crevasse!

Whitewater raft the LionsHead River

Explore another side of the Matanuska Glacier, this time from moving water! Steady class III and IV rapids keep you and your crew working together for about five miles. Keep your eyes open for the river’s namesake, a huge basalt column formation.

Backpack in the Talkeetna Mountains

Take on more leadership responsibilities as you walk through this range of long-extinct volcanoes for six days. You and your friends will stand beneath and marvel at the surrounding sawtooth peaks and hang on to each other for support while you learn how to ford rivers and creeks. Make memories that last a lifetime on this incredibly varied terrain: You’ll cross remnant ice fields, traverse ridges, stomp through bogs, and travel across tundra. Keep your eyes peeled for herds of caribou passing through.

Sea kayak in Prince William Sound

Five days on these turquoise waters will heighten your appreciation for Alaska’s wild nature even more. Glide through calm fjords right next to waterfalls, calving glaciers, and peaks soaring up to 9,000 feet. The wildlife is abundant; you may see bald eagles, otters, porpoises, and maybe even an Orca! At night, surround yourself with your best friends while camping on black sand beaches. When the sun peeks out, you may find yourself jumping into a turquoise swimming hole.

Backpack in Denali State Park

Finish your trip with four days in the rugged territory that houses North America’s tallest and most awe-inspiring mountain. Hike along the Kesugi Ridge through lush forests, vast tundra, and past an alpine lake. You’ll definitely want to do a “clear day dance,” as the view of the 20,308-foot Denali is jaw-dropping on a bluebird day!

Dates and Prices

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Due to the backcountry and challenging nature of this trip, returning students must be invited to join Alaska Expedition. It’s highly recommended that all new students have previous backcountry experience (e.g., multi-day backpacking trips) and will attend a conversation with an Adventure Treks director to ensure a mutually good fit.

Included in tuition:
  • All meals
  • Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, and all group gear
  • Guided activities
Not included in tuition:
  • Airfare to and from Anchorage, AK (ANC)
  • Travel protection (more info here)
  • Personal clothing and items (packing lists available for enrolled families)

About half of our nights are spent at “frontcountry” campsites, where we’ll generally have a more developed campsite with running water, toilets, and sometimes cell phone service. This may be a public or private campground. We often stay at the same frontcountry site a few days in a row.

The other half will be spent “backcountry” camping, referring to wilderness locations where we are most likely out of cell phone service and away from our vehicles, electricity, and other amenities. Multi-day activities like backpacking and sea kayaking take place in the backcountry.

Challenge/fitness level

Fitness and physical challenge are subjective, so Adventure Treks does not “rate” its trips based on challenge. However, the Alaska Expedition is one of our most challenging trips. Because we’ll be highly engaged in backcountry activities throughout trip, our students have the responsibility to be physically fit. We know physical fitness looks different for everyone, but it’s important to come prepared so that you and your fellow students can succeed. One student not coming prepared with physical fitness will negatively impact the entire group. In the months leading up to their trip, students should develop a routine that emphasizes stamina and sustaining a moderate level of exertion for many hours, several days in a row. Running, swimming, bicycling, aerobics classes, and team sports are all beneficial and will help improve cardiovascular fitness in preparation for a student’s trip.



Sea Kayaking

Ice Climbing

Whitewater Rafting


Jill Bondurant, parent from Tampa, FL

Our daughter has done four summers with Adventure Treks and comes back with new confidence, openness to try new things, and comfort in her place in the world every time. I can’t imagine her life without AT. Mary loves the adventure and the people, and we feel completely confident that she is safe and in great care, physically and emotionally.

Tamar Brooks, parent from London, England

This was Rachel’s third summer with Adventure Treks. After a crazy COVID year, she was looking forward to her adventures in Alaska more than ever. Providing her the opportunity to be part of nature, see new things, bond with friends, and develop her independence was a special gift. AT has the ability to transform lives and reward many kids with exciting opportunities. She loved the people she was with, the instructors she interacted with, and the adventures she had. She came back wanting more and is already planning her get together with her friends. Thank you for another wonderful summer.

Marni Eisner, parent from Winston-Salem, NC

Tyler has been with you for 10 summers—he started at Camp Pinnacle and has been dreaming of the Alaska trip for years. Also I knew that even with COVID, he would be safe and well cared for by the staff. Tyler was blown away by Alaska! He said that everywhere they went was spectacular. As always, what is most valuable to me is how he grows each summer through his Adventure Treks experience. I love that he comes home more mature, more confident, and more independent. Tyler felt this was his best group yet. He thought the group was more cohesive than any other trip he had been on.

Carrie Ganzhorn, parent from Apex, NC

AT has been the best thing my kids have ever done over summer break. They can’t wait to go back every year. They come home with such a great positive attitude, ready to tackle anything. The confidence they gain is incredible. The friendships they make will last a lifetime. Memories they will cherish forever! Thank you AT!

Valerie Busch, parent from Charlotte, NC

Adventure Treks is a wonderful way for your child to make amazing memories and see the great outdoors while doing fun and challenging activities with supportive peers (who start out as strangers but become close friends). While doing all this, they gain so much personal growth—increasing their confidence and resilience while learning valuable communication and teamwork skills.They also get a much-needed break from electronics and hopefully a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors. My son’s three Adventure Treks experiences have influenced what he wants to study in college (environmental science), and he plans to join any outdoor group his college offers. I’m so glad he was introduced to the outdoor community at AT.

2025 enrollment is now open for returning families! Click here to re-enroll for next summer.