Pacific Northwest Adventure

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Pacific Northwest Adventure


Oregon, Washington

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20 Days

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PNWA1: Arrive and depart Portland, OR (PDX)

PNWA2: Arrive Seattle, WA (SEA)
Depart Portland, OR (PDX)

For three weeks, come explore the lush and vibrant landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Stand at the summit of Mount St. Helens and peer down into a still-smoking crater—an incredible photo opportunity!—before glissading (sliding) down the mountain. Hike and canoe through North Cascades National Park, nicknamed the “American Alps” for its dramatic, glacier-covered peaks. Rock climb in one of Washington’s most beautiful areas, Icicle Creek Canyon (don’t worry—you won’t freeze here!), before hopping into a raft on the Wenatchee River to cool off in the rapids. Sleep under the stars on the beach in Olympic National Park, sea kayak in the calm waters of Port Angeles, and finish your visit with a thrilling rafting trip down the world-famous White Salmon River.

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Pacific Northwest Adventure Itinerary

Backpack in North Cascades National Park

For five days, you’ll hike through glaciers—more than anywhere else in the United States!—framed by gigantic Fraser fir trees and cascading rivers. The incredibly lush landscape offers multiple opportunities to marvel at its biodiversity, and with a little bit of luck, you might even spot a few sunbathing marmots, mule deer or black-tailed deer, and mountain goats scrambling up rock faces! In between days on the trail, trade your backpack for oars as you canoe on picturesque Ross Lake, looking up at the soaring peaks surrounding you.

Rock climb in Icicle Creek Canyon

Though it may sound like a chilly spot, Icicle Creek Canyon is actually named for its native epithet, Nasikelt, and it’s actually quite warm! The sheer granite cliffs that line this canyon offer options for everyone, from the timid beginner to the bold veteran. Cool breezes that waft from the river help keep the summer temperatures comfortable, and when you’ve had your fill of climbing, take a dip in the creek!

Whitewater raft the Wenatchee River

Navigate big and fun rapids on the Wenatchee through Leavenworth, stopping only to jump in swimming holes and start splash wars. The waves are dramatic, but they’re also accessible to students of all capabilities!

Backpack in Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park contains one of the country’s most beautiful and wild beach hikes. Over four days, you’ll get to see bald eagles, otters, sea lions, and seals while walking with the sea on one side and steep cliffs on the other. Camp on secluded beaches, surrounded only by your best new friends, impressive sea stacks, and starry skies.

Sea kayak in Port Angeles

Surround yourself with otters, harbor seals, bald eagles, and maybe even a whale while sea kayaking off the rugged coast in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. You’ll cruise past seastacks and craggy cliffs, and you may even find a few seastars or sea urchins!

Climb Mt. St. Helens (8,365 feet)

The most famous stratovolcano in the United States beckons to student hikers all of levels. Students will stand on the edge of the ever-growing crater and its surrounding glacier, literally watching geology in the making. Rewards for this challenging hike also include 360-degree views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood.

Whitewater raft the White Salmon River

In 2013, the New York Times rated the White Salmon River as #13 among 46 places to visit worldwide. This Wild and Scenic River is federally protected, leaving the water and forestry in pristine condition. Teamwork is required as you bounce down fun, sustained rapids; laughter is recommended.

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Sea Kayaking

Whitewater Rafting



Andrew Greene, Katonah, NY

Hudson had a great experience. He got to see a new and beautiful part of the country, try new things and meet people from all over. He said it was a lot of fun. He enjoyed almost everyone’s company and thought the instructors did a great job of fostering community.

Cindy Williamson, Arden, NC

Riley had a great time. She called home twice, but each time she was calling to say “Hi, I’m having fun” and then wanted to get off the phone and back to the fun. The stories when she returned were punctuated with laughter and excitement. Riley seemed to know the name of every other camper and had a story about her interaction with each of them. Every story was positive and supportive. Riley really had a great time.

Jennifer Culler, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hannah had the best time on this trip. She loved all the kids she met and enjoyed being a part of the experience. It had really helped to boost her confidence and improve communications skills. The whole group is keeping in touch and communicating almost every day since they have returned. It’s the best thing we have ever done for her!

Jenna Martelon, Telluride, CO

Chloe’s AT experience was an incredible growing experience! She said the kids are her new best friends—each and everyone in the community.

Kimberly Troyer, Odessa, FL

Casey’s Adventure Treks experience was fabulous: The activities were fabulous, the organization was tremendous, the sense of adventure and community was excellent. Casey came home raving about every aspect of the trip! I love that he came home liking black beans, avocados, and other nutritious foods that he wouldn’t try before.

Linda Alstrin, Carlsbad, CA

It was daunting putting Trey on a plane, by himself, to a far away place to be with complete strangers for 20 days.  I knew he’d be OK, but for me, it was just another step for him toward independence. When he called, any trepidation I had immediately disappeared. He sounded fantastic—I mean really, really happy and strong. Almost like a different kid in a way. After that, I had complete confidence that he was in the right place, with the right group, and with the right instructors. He really loved it. He said everyone was really nice and that he felt comfortable and welcome. He’s even has had contact with some of the kids from the trip since. He said the food was good (better than he expected) and the hiking and scenery was awesome. He said climbing Mt. St. Helens was the most challenging thing he’s ever done in his life. When I met him at the baggage carousel, the first thing he said was, “Mom, I climbed an 8,000-foot volcano—who can say that?”