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For 24 days, wander through an untamed and diverse landscape that simply embodies adventure. Hike with waves crashing on one side and soaring cliffs on the other in Olympic National Park. Rock climb and mountain bike near Bend, Oregon—one of the world’s premier destinations for both sports! Take a hike through the Goat Rocks Wilderness, an untouched land formed by extinct volcanoes. Learn how to whitewater kayak on the Klickitat River before heading to Mt. Adams to attempt a summit on this massive volcano. Finish your adventure on the White Salmon River, one of the world’s best raft rides.

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Backpack in Olympic National Park

With miles and miles of coast, Olympic National Park contains one of the country’s most beautiful and wild beach hikes. For four days, you’ll see bald eagles, otters, sea lions, and seals while walking with crashing waves on one side and sheer cliffs on the other. Camp on secluded beaches, surrounded only by your best new friends, impressive sea stacks, and starry skies.

Mountain bike in Bend

Strap on your helmet for some of the country’s best singletrack trails for two days. Learn a few tips and tricks of mountain biking in a grassy field beneath the 9,068-foot Mt. Bachelor. Then choose your challenge as your group winds through pine forests before descending breathlessly downhill. There are options for every level!

Rock climb in Smith Rock State Park

You’ll quickly realize why Smith Rock attracts climbers from all over the world. For two days, test your grit on the welded volcanic tuff that comprises the impressive spires in the park. We’ll set up ropes for every ability—progress as you feel ready! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you move up through the grades.

Backpack in the Goat Rocks Wilderness

Named for the mountain goats you’ll likely spot as you wind through this spectacular rugged alpine terrain for five days! Vibrant wildflowers fill the valleys, while snow-capped volcanoes rise in all directions. Hike above tree line, where views may extend as many as 100 miles away! This is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful areas we’ve ever visited; you and your friends will make memories to last the rest of your life.

Whitewater kayak on the Klickitat River

Pick up a paddle for three days of kayaking on this scenic tributary of the Columbia River. You’ll practice basic paddling strokes and safety techniques on flat water before progressing to class I and II rapids on the river. On day three, practice your strokes on mellower runs, or move on to roll clinics and run fun class III waves!

Summit attempt on Mt. Adams

Spend three days on Washington’s second-highest mountain! At 12,282 feet, this stratovolcano stands prominently against the landscape. Learn the basics of using crampons and ice axes in snow school on the first day. We rise in the middle of the night to begin our summit attempt; our reward at the top is a brightly multicolored sunrise. After you’ve posed for a successful summit photo, glissade (slide) back down the mountain!

Whitewater raft the White Salmon River

In 2013, the New York Times rated the White Salmon as one of the world’s top places to visit. Lined by cliffs carved from ancient lava flows and fed by snow melt from Mt. Adams, most of our students agree that this is the best rafting in the Pacific Northwest. Get ready for the ride of your life!

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Leslee Treadwell, Preston, CT

The Ultimate Northwest provided Noah with an opportunity to enhance his love for the outdoors and mountain biking while being challenged. He developed more interpersonal skills and learned the value of overcoming problems should they arise instead of backing out. He made great friendships based on personalities and a shared love of the outdoors, not social media. He needed to see another part of the country and value its beauty, and he came home with much appreciation for the little things in life and is incredibly grateful for the “amazing adventure.”

He described his community as a very diverse group. He got to know others very well because of the engaging and family-like environment. Without that opportunity, he may not have been as willing to go outside his group of friends to learn about others’ cultures and way of life. He loved how kids that are so different can really bond over their shared love of the outdoors and adventurous nature.

If you want your child to learn skills that the majority of the millennial generation is lacking while being active, challenged, and surrounded by beauty along with hard work that builds character, Adventure Treks is for your child. They are extremely professional, detailed, understanding of parents’ concerns, and really go above and beyond to answer all and any questions.

Sarah Beneke, Akron, OH

Grace’s cousin has been on three Adventure Treks and had a wonderful time. We wanted our daughter to have an experience that was completely out of the ordinary, and she has been positively glowing since she returned. When we asked her about what it was like to summit Mt. Adams, she said “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done” as she beamed from ear to ear. She has spent much of the three days since she has been back in communication with her peers from the trip. They are already planning a reunion and discussing returning for another AT adventure next summer! I have no doubt that this experience will have a lasting, positive, and meaningful effect on my daughter. She said her community was wonderful. The counselors said that this group was one of the closest they have had. She talks about a variety of the teens who were on the trip with her; there seems to have only been one who was a personality challenge, and she has only discussed him minimally. Her focus has been on the many and varied positive interactions with her instructors and peers. It sounds like the counselors really listened and cared about the students. There also were many activities that clearly had a positive effect on strengthening peer relations. Grace’s favorite experience seems to change almost every day as she reflects on the three and a half weeks. What strikes me most is that there doesn’t seem to have been a negative experience for her.

Michele Bowe, Chevy Chase, MD

Adventure Treks is a true gift to the modern American teenager. They provide a focus on safety and creates a positive group culture. I like the emphasis on skill-building and character formation. Cece described her community as cohesive, funny, bright kids responsible and focused on safety. I always worry about connecting flights. I could not find a direct flight for her. Sure enough, she had a connection issue. AT staff figured this out before I did and were already in communications with the airline. AT staff had it completely under control and relieved my anxiety about the glitch. This is even better service than we experience with our best travel agents! Highly impressive! Great pre-trip conversation with her instructor Devon who presented as extremely articulate and skilled in asking the types of questions to determine our level of comfort and areas of concern.

Jeff Bradfute, Irmo, SC

Sending your child on an Adventure Treks trip is something you or child will never regret. The only regret you might have is not sending them. Jenna said the instructors were the best and very cool. All of the kids wanted to be there, and everyone got along and supported each other. Jenna gained a lot from the trip and is already trying to figure out how she can return. She had all of the above but no doubt she’s improved in all these areas. Most improved is her confidence to tackle her senior year and college applications.

Ron Shade, Deerfield, IL

It was an amazing trip! Danny had tons of fun while learning new skills and gaining self-confidence. The trip provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet new kids and enjoy the outdoors in a way that went far beyond what a family trip could offer.

Ann Stout, Houston, TX

Emma absolutely loves Adventure Treks. She has amazing experiences and gets stretched, pushed, and pulled into a new person each time, while makes great friends. She would not be the same person without her AT experience. It balances out the rest of her easy, electronic, comfort-centered world in a way that she finds enjoyable and not punishing.