2020 Parent Testimonials

A summer without AT is not a summer at all. Adventure Treks is pure magic… Children get an opportunity to be just that—children, within a structure premised on safety, respect, community, acceptance, and fun. The selection of destinations, peers, instructors, food, activities, etc. have large doses of thought and care and love. This summer was the best escape from the pandemic. – Sanjani Varkey, parent from Berkeley, CA

Archie returned feeling calm, confident, capable, and centered. He can’t wait to go back ASAP! Adventure Treks was empowering yet supportive, a break from family, and a push out of his comfort zone. He described his community to me: “It was a great community and I still keep in touch with everyone. Everyone got along and supported each other.” We are thrilled that this was a life-changing trip for Archie. He cannot wait to stay in touch and to sign up again! – Jane Ellison, parent from Wilmington, NC

Adventure Treks provides a fun, challenging and safe environment for our children to thrive in. Kaila made great friends, tried new things, enjoyed tech-free time, and had many adventures. Adventure Treks provides children with the capacity to interact with kids with like-minded ideas of outdoor fun. They are able to form quick friendships that last year-round and create a tight-knit community in a matter of days. The activities, interactions with instructors, and challenges are set up to be age-appropriate and fun. The tech-free environment allows everyone to focus on the here and now. The outdoor surroundings allow them to appreciate nature. The activities allow for challenges beyond their immediate comfort zone and pushes them to try new things. Kaila loved everyone she met. On the first call home, she immediately told us how she made friends, how nice everyone was, and how welcomed she felt. She is already speaking with everyone regularly via their group chats. The staff and communication are AMAZING! No question is too small or too big. Great understanding of what parents need to hear and super-fast communication overall. Thank you for keeping everyone safe and healthy during this challenging time and year! – Tamar Brooks, parent from London, England

This year was a groundbreaking year for Asher. He made great friends, bonded with the entire group, and came back taller (figuratively and literally). He gained confidence in himself and his abilities. On top of all of that, AT kept him safe from both the coronavirus and his food allergies. What’s been most valuable is being disconnected from technology and out in nature with a really nice group of kids and instructors. It was Asher’s best sleepaway experience yet (and he’s done a lot). He loved it and can’t wait to go back! – Heather Benn, parent from Greenwich, CT

Adventure Treks was an experience for our son beyond our wildest expectations. We sent a shy, introverted teenager, and he returned as an excited, almost giddy boy. He had so much to share about where he went, what he did and learned, and who he shared different experiences with. We are very impressed and can’t wait for him to return next year! His favorite part of the trip was the community for sure. He has never really felt “a part” of a group and returned in a much different head space, talking all the time about who did this and who did that and was so excited to share everything with us. He was very nervous that he was going to starve cause he’s such a picky eater. The community opened his mind and he had a great experience with the food. – Page Johnson, parent from Louisville, KY

My son met incredible new friends while meeting new outdoor challenges with the tremendous support of an experienced, caring, and extremely fun and relatable staff! He’s been in touch daily with friends since returning home. The instructors were amazing, experienced, competent, gave personal attention… Just amazing. Perfect. – Hilary Weisburd, parent from Miami, FL

Thank you!!! For giving my daughters back some of her childhood… they loved every minute. We know it was a Herculean task on your part, but I hope you know that when these kids look back at 2020… this will be what they remember. They loved every minute and formed an instant community with the kids on their trips and said they were open, loving, and very inclusive. They loved her instructors and instantly felt their chemistry. The girls challenged themselves and brought back home the tools they learned home. They are confident, smiling, and content… something so amazing to see in such crazy times. They are already talking about next year! – Rachel Berger, parent from Cabin John, MD

Adventure Treks offers a great combination of outdoor activities, independence and leadership- building, and a strong, collaborative teamwork environment. Working with peers and meeting instructors with diverse backgrounds who were very open to sharing many perspectives with the students was so valuable to our son. – Tina Falci, parent from Mamaroneck, NY

Our son returned for his third year because Adventure Treks is thoughtful, supportive, positive, and fun! Daniel loves it so much. AT provides a safe and yet challenging space for teenagers to take risks and make friends outside of school, sports, etc. Every activity, every outing, EVERYTHING at AT has been carefully considered and is done for a reason. Making connections with other teenagers outside of school has been so valuable. Daniel attends a rally large high school where he does well academically but socially is a bit in over his head. AT gives him the chance to really connect with other kids in meaningful ways that he just doesn’t do at school. Also, the great relationships he gets to form with the instructors are also so important and valuable. He said, “we ALL got along well with each other—that’s so unusual for any group of teenagers, mom. There were no cliques, no sub-groups that only hung together.” Lots of long talks, lots of singing, lots of inside jokes, etc. it was heaven for him. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a great gift you gave my kid. He’s about to embark on another year of distance learning (sigh! but necessary of course) so this trip will be a balm to his soul over the next year… so many fun memories and laughs to treasure. Thank you for all your hard work! – Laura Miller, parent from Cabin John, MD

Adventure Treks is a great opportunity for students to have an unusual, challenging experience with peers from diverse geographic locales, build a sense of community, and learn / hone skills from capable outdoor instructors. Our sons have both enjoyed their experiences with AT through the years. They love the camaraderie, sense of community, and adventure! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Huge kudos—above and beyond expectations, especially in this unique, trying time of uncharted waters! You ALL pulled off and executed the most wonderful AT experience, at a time when it is more valuable than ever. These students needed it, wanted it, adhered to protocols—as did you and your entire team. Many thanks again for having pivoted and reconstructed curricula / itineraries and making this the best AT experience EVER! George looks forward to next year’s Alaska Expedition. We appreciate ALL of you; thank you! – Suzy Seger-Zach, parent from Lovettsville, VA

Thank you to the Adventure Treks team for an amazing job you all do with the students. Thomas was so happy and had an amazing trip. He loves you so much; it’s not only the trip, it’s also the people, the group, the instructors, the organization—everything is great. Thank you so much and have a great summer! – Maria Costa, parent from Homestead, FL

Y’all killed it. Lee was game but dubious going in, motivated in no small part to keep up with his sister. His first night home, he spent about an hour and a half describing each and every day in detail, from first to last. As he got to the end, he observed through teary eyes, “I didn’t know I could form such strong relationships in such a short period of time.” If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is. – Matt Bailey, parent from Greensboro, NC

I wanted to say how much Eli enjoyed his trip. The kid couldn’t have been happier and is still going on about what a great group of kids and instructors he had. We are very grateful AT came up with an alternative plan and he could have this much-needed experience this summer.  Thanks to everyone there for making it happen. – Valerie Busch, parent from Charlotte, NC

Summer looks forward to her Adventure Treks experience all year long. Despite the concerns about COVID, we trusted that the staff and other families were going to do the best job they could at keeping the kids safe and healthy. This year, our daughter had an incredible experience. The group hiked, road mountain bikes, canoed, kayaked, rock climbed, and camped. But what made her time at AT so special was the way she was able to connect with her instructors and the other kids on the trip. In a relatively short amount of time, she felt comfortable and confident to open up with her new friends like never before. Our daughter truly feels she has made lifelong friends with her AT group and can’t wait for next summer when she can join many of them again on another adventure. – Laura Sklenicka, parent from Atlantic Beach, FL

This year, more than ever, Simon needed to be away from the house, away from his parents, away from a screen and all the worries of the world, and immersed in fun activities with his peers. Thank you so much for giving him the opportunity to do that this summer! This is honestly the best thing that has happened and probably will happen for him in 2020. The trip was awesome. Simon can’t stop talking about all the funny things that happened on that trip and the wonderful community they formed together. He misses his AT friends and instructors very much… He said this summer was easily his favorite AT trip ever, and he said it’s because of the community they formed on this trip. He was able to just be himself and have a great time. And did y’all know that they stay in touch and are even continuing to do virtual evening meetings sometimes? And he has been sleeping in his sleeping bag on the floor of his bedroom to continue the AT feeling. Thank you for ALL OF THAT!!!! Amazing across the board. You all seriously are the best. We are always grateful for you—but even more so this year. – Stacey Brees, parent from Atlanta, GA

Lexi has grown so much from her three years at AT. Her confidence, her love of the outdoors, willingness to try new things… She has learned perseverance, to be an integral part of the community, to help and support others. She has made lifelong friends that she talks to throughout the year. She talks about camp all year. We love hearing the stories and knowing she loves it so much. I know AT is where she is meant to be because she starts counting down to next summer the day she gets home. We trusted the care and attention AT gave to all going on in the world and felt completely safe and grateful the Lexi was still able to go this year. I think AT as a whole is amazing. The instructors are definitely who make the trip, besides the other students. Lexi loved her instructors this year and said they were the best of her three AT trips. You all were amazing. Thank you for giving Lexi a great AT trip, especially in this time where things are so different for her. With school changes, etc. because of COVID, you have probably made her whole year. Amanda is so great, especially this year with all the extra things going on, changes, etc. You guys are amazing and I thank you for bringing AT together for the kids, even if it was a little different this year. – Susan Sanders, parent from Mooresville, NC

Lu had absolutely loved Camp Pinnacle, and going to AT was the natural next step for her. Her sisters had been on AT trips before, and their experiences were very positive… and Lu’s experience this summer could not have been any better. She described her AT community as safe and full of people she wants to be like because of their positive attitudes as well as their love of the outdoors. She described her instructors as genuinely interested in each and every student, and each had the unique ability to make everyone feel comfortable in any situation in their own special way.We were so thrilled y’all could pull it off during this pandemic. The experience most valuable for Lu was that she could enter a group of kids that all knew one another and knew the AT way and within seconds seamlessly felt a part of the group. She has a strong friend group at home but never has she felt so open to just be herself. Realizing that she can do that and how it feels to actually do that is something we feel is so valuable. Learning to appreciate things in each individual that you would otherwise look through or over in a normal setting is something that we know she will take with her. The community couldn’t have been any stronger. She described each child in detail with a huge smile on her face. As I mentioned above, the words “safe” and “people I want to be like” spoke volumes about how she felt while with all of these kids and instructors. I would just like to say thank you to all of the instructors for making the 3 weeks more amazing than anything Lu could’ve ever imagined. They made their way into her heart and won’t be forgotten. Amanda is absolutely amazing! She’s quick to respond, positive, and clearly enjoys what she does. I will miss talking with her when the summer wraps up. I must say how truly shocked I am that these trips were able to take place—y’all are just amazing. I know you had to compile what usually takes months and months of work into a very short period of time and you didn’t miss a beat. While the trips across the country provide an additional element of independence due to flying and being far from home for many kids, I think the lesson of who you are with is now tightly engrained. An AT community is like none other these teenagers get to experience and it ends up being the one of most powerful and healthy ones in their lives. The overall AT experience is top notch. – Katie Scruggs, parent from Huntersville, NC

Over four summers for Adventure Treks, Tyler has grown in his confidence, independence, and maturity. Each summer has built on the last, and has really contributed to making him the young man he is today. During these challenging times, it was comforting to us as parents that Tyler could still experience Adventure Treks in a way that continued to support his growth and keep him safe. Because of the previous months’ isolation, this summer’s trip was most valuable because it allowed Tyler to get back to being himself. He loved seeing old friends, and he especially loved the smaller group. In fact, he said it was the best group ever. – Marni Eisner, parent from Winston-Salem, NC

This was the 3rd consecutive year for our daughter with AT, and it surpassed all the expectations! We continue being delighted with AT’s highest standards of safety and care. The staff delivered a safe 19-day outdoor trip under global pandemic conditions. It was very healthy for the kids to get disconnected from their worries and anxieties, build an amazing expedition spirit, and come back refreshed and more resilient. I cannot express enough gratitude for these amazing people who are so passionately enriching the lives of teenagers. She said her community was amazing and that it was one of the best groups of students and the best instructor team. She was ready to spend another 19+ days with AT. As usual, Amanda and Dmac made all the hard work look easy! Thank you, folks, for your relentless work, care, and responsibility! You rocked this year and were attentive to make the group inclusive. – Irina Fillipova, parent from Portland, OR

Between Reid and Jack, we have now participated in 5 Adventure Treks trips. We love AT’s philosophy and believe it has the right impact on our kids. It inspires them to be better, try harder, and push their limits all in a safe place. The break from technology is much-needed, and the instructors end up having a positive influence well beyond the trip. It is certainly a highlight of the year for our boys. During this crazy time of sheltering-in-place because of Covid-19, having an opportunity to feel like a kid was the best part of AT for Reid this summer. He was able to be with old friends, make new friends, enjoy the things he loves (mountain biking, backpacking, etc.) in a fun, nurturing environment. His 18 days on Ultimate BlueRidge gave him a sense of normalcy in an otherwise messed up world. This was the first summer that Reid came home and said that if he could do another trip with the exact same group of peers and instructors, he would! It has been great to see the kids staying in touch, making videos, and trying to make plans for a reunion. He said the community was the best part of the trip. AT does a great job of communicating to parents before, during, and after a trip. I love how responsive you are as a team, even responding to comments on social media! – Nikki Goldstein, parent from Atlanta, GA

Jack was signed up for Ultimate Northwest and was excited to see that part of the country, but when the trip changed because of COVID-19, he still wanted to go to North Carolina because he knows how awesome an AT summer is! This summer, in particular, we were grateful for this opportunity for him to have the AT experience and leave behind the troubles in our world. Jack’s AT experience has been truly amazing. He has made great friends from all over the country, both other students and his instructors, and has explored unique terrain with incredible activities. The communication and level of detail from AT staff is the best of any program that I have worked with. We are so grateful for the AT community and know that Jack has made lifelong memories and friends from these adventures. – Emilie Samet, parent from Greensboro, NC

Adventure Treks is a great program full of activities and challenges. Natalia has tested her strength and realized how much she can accomplish, particularly when working as a group. Natalia has done California Challenge and British Columbia in 2018 and 2019, and AT has provided the best summers for her. She comes back happy, accomplished, helpful, and full of energy. I can not thank the instructors and Adventure Treks enough for giving Natalia the opportunity to have some “normality” during this pandemic. She had the best of times and is very thankful! You’ve done an amazing job! – Monica Macia, parent from New York, NY

Sky had yet another amazing summer with Adventure Treks! She said it was her best ever! That’s a pretty incredible accomplishment given the limitations caused by COVID-19. But Adventure Treks is about the community, so it didn’t really matter to her that she was in North Carolina instead of Alaska, as originally planned. This year, the backpacks were her favorite part, which is amazing because that used to be her least favorite. – Daniella Friedman, parent from Miami Beach, FL

Adventure Treks is the highlight of Anna’s year; she comes back a changed person. It’s 100 percent a great experience; I am the biggest fan in the world of Adventure Treks. You all couldn’t possibly be better and run an exceptional program. – Rob Turner, parent from Charleston, SC

Thank you for being trailblazers during the pandemic. Your adaptability allowed your team to develop a safe program while also providing a much-needed outlet for the kids. Well done!!! – Maureen Fiske, parent from New York, NY

It may be cliché to say life-changing, but I felt like a different kid came back from his first trip. He learned so much from his time at AT, including how not to be afraid to challenge himself; how to accomplish just about anything if he kept trying; how to be a contributing team member and leader when necessary; and how to just be himself and enjoy being with others doing the same. It was so nice to have him come back with a willingness to try new things, a greater acceptance that he should help around the house, an appreciation for the outdoors and all the activities it has to offer, and an increased sense of confidence in himself. Getting to see these wonderful outdoor locations is just the icing on the cake to the caring, transformative experience AT provides to its students. All of these things were very much needed after we were stuck indoors, separated from friends, and spending too much time in front of screens. He absolutely loved his community and said they were the best group ever. Everyone got along well, were very accepting of each other, and just had a lot of fun together. You all do a great job! I especially appreciated how you handled the extra challenges that COVID brought this year and how you kept us updated on what you were dealing with and how you were trying to figure out safe alternatives. – Valerie Busch, parent from Charlotte, NC

You all are the BEST with how you pulled these trips off this summer SAFELY and with FUN and CHALLENGE! Our hats are OFF to you all. What a great team of wonderful talented people you have gathered and trained and clearly love. Rhodes said he had a great time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! – Marian Wright, parent from Rye, NY

Adventure Treks truly gets our son out from under electronics and exposes him to the great outdoors and all of its wonders. He now wants to attend college in Colorado or somewhere he can be near mountains and beauty for hiking, biking, outside activities. It’s a huge change for him. – Meg Kieda, parent from Southlake, TX

Gabby had an amazing experience! She came home having met new friends and surprised herself by what she was able to accomplish. This Blue Ridge trip was everything I’d hoped it would be for her. Getting out of her comfort zone has made her excited to do this type of trip again and again. Her world has expanded in ways that would just not have been possible on a typical summer “teen trip.” AT’s philosophy about the value of these kinds of trips for teens resonated with me. I wanted an experience that was going to teach those “soft skills” that kids do not necessarily develop in today’s traditional high school experience, particularly stuck at home on Zoom classes. Also, she had a BLAST and the instructors were FANTASTIC. I am so appreciative that she has these inspiring young adults to look up to as role models now. They made such a positive impression on her and seem to have brought out the best in the kids. – Katy Cimo, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

Every year, AT has been beyond exceptional, this year even more so with the COVID crisis. The involvement of instructors is second to none. The variety of adventures is great and challenging. Students engage, support, and encourage each other. Everyone is responsible in helping the program run smoothly. They make great, long-term friendships with like-minded people (it’s a positive to be away from the usual environment and social groups). These are all the characteristics that are so important in life and helping to build confident teens. This trip was put together at relatively short notice with a huge number of restrictions. The fact that you were able to pull it off and still offer the quality and variety along with the great instructors is amazing. Yes, it’s a shame it wasn’t out west, but Sophie did not feel the trip was restrictive at all in terms of everything they were able to do. She absolutely loved, as always, her time with AT. That you were able to continue with the adjusted programs, without incident, is testament to your commitment and the commitment of the families who attend your trips. We can’t recommend AT enough; they’re absolutely outstanding. – Roland and Anne Hooley, parents from Brooklyn, NY

For McCallum, her 2019 AT experience was really transformative. Even with the change in venue for 2020, we wanted her to experience the sense of adventure, camaraderie, and shared experience that comes with time at Adventure Treks. She felt a strong bond with her 2020 group after just a few days. She felt welcomed and supported, and has already been in touch with several of the girls who were on this AT trip with her. – David Keats, parent from Durham, NC

Even without the excitement and expectation of traveling to Alaska, returning to Adventure Treks in North Carolina this summer was a no-brainer because it is mostly about the experience, not the sightseeing. Especially after the crazy year we’ve all experienced, AT was just what the doctor ordered. The AT experience for a few weeks each summer puts our daughter in a healthy and different environment that positively challenges and—perhaps if we’re lucky—reorients her assumptions and world view a little bit. Our teenager shares a deep bond with a bunch of kids each summer who she reports are very different from the group she socializes with the rest of the year. This year, in particular, I think she came away with an altered perception of who she can be and what she can or should be accomplishing at 16. “Oh. Wow. Everyone is not just like me and my friends…” This year, she formed such a tight bond so quickly. – David Friedman, parent from Miami Beach, FL

I would never have thought that my city kid would thrive so much with outdoor adventure and challenges. AT really knows how to create an experience of value, challenge teens while supporting them, and build. My daughter has had such an excellent time on her trips; it’s definitely an experience that has had a significant and continuing impact on my daughter. She’s been pushed herself out of her comfort zone to learn new skills, seen new places, and really enjoyed being in a group of her peers while doing so. The program’s values aligned well with our own. Overall, I am so impressed with how AT pulled this off during a pandemic. I know having been on this trip will help sustain my daughter through some isolating and inactive or limiting parts of the pandemic. – Julie Kay, parent from Brooklyn, NY

This is Rachel’s second year at AT. She absolutely loved the experience last year and formed life-long friends. She was looking forward to Alaska, but once it was obvious that could not happen she still wanted to experience the summer with her friends. It was so important for us to give her the opportunity to be “free” and outdoors for a period of time. And we are so happy we did. AT is about the friendships, community, and sense of belonging and is a very well-run, beautifully executed program. Each “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed, which was especially important this past summer with COVID. The children get to truly be present in outdoor adventures, learn new responsibilities, gain experience fun activities, and develop lasting friendships. Rachel loved all her instructors and felt they fostered a fun, safe, and inclusive environment. – Tamar Brooks, parent from London, England

Adventure Treks is an amazing experience for kids to gain independence, endure challenging activities which they may not normally be exposed to, and meet peers from different parts of the country. My son is looking at colleges on the west coast because of Adventure Treks and his learned love for the outdoors. This year, after being in quarantine for months and having limited social interaction, we felt that it was important to get away, reconnect with friends, get off of devices, and be outdoors. – Jenna Vaeth, parent from Clarence Center, NY

Our experience is that Adventure Treks is welcoming of all children of all skill levels. The kids have a great time away from technology in the great outdoors. AT went above and beyond this year to provide students with the ability to get out of the house in these trying times. They did an outstanding job this year, and we have no complaints. – Andrea Jung, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

This was our family’s eighth summer with Camp Pinnacle and Adventure Treks. We have always been thrilled with the experiences. As to participating during COVID-19, we appreciate the judicious approach taken to guarantee a safe and wonderful experience. It was the highlight of 2020, by far. AT will challenge, expand the comfort zone of, and enrich your child in more ways than you can imagine. I believe that AT prepares a student for the complexities of personally navigating college better than anything else they can experience. – David Paul, parent from Wynnewood, PA

Adventure Treks is a great program and an awesome experience for any child. The instructors are awesome, and so is the main leadership. They genuinely care about all of the kids and want them to learn, have fun, and gain confidence. Sonia had a great time and seems more confident about herself since returning home. She said her community was nice, caring, and helpful! You all did a great job—thank you! – Tuba Alam, parent from Sterling, VA

We love Adventure Treks. Our kids grow so much every time they attend an AT trip. They come home with more confidence every summer and are building lifelong friendships and making so many memories. We love seeing our kids gain so much confidence. They have fun and always look forward to next summer. You all are the best! – Carrie Ganzhorn, parent from Apex, NC

I was blown away to hear how close our socially shy son got to the kids on the trip. He truly made deep friendships and connections that he immediately declared were friends he would stay in touch with. We have never gotten a report like this in the five years we sent him to Camp Pinnacle—which he LOVED by the way. He loved his community and truly enjoyed belonging to a close-knit group. – Allison Polish, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

Cam really enjoys the comraderie of the group, the physical challenges, and being outdoors. He very much looks forward to his AT trip each summer. I also think he comes back more mature and confident about himself each year. – Martin Spicer, parent from Bethesda, MD

Adventure Treks incorporates the physical challenge and outdoor experience—that other summer outdoor programs and camps have—with a keen awareness of adolescent individual and group psychology, pro-actively avoiding cliques and steering teens to be more independent and self-aware. They have managed to consistently attract excellent instructors and have structured trips to really provide an amazing summer outdoors experience that pushes kids to grow physically, mentally, and socially. Sophie returns year after year because she’s had such positive experiences, and this year it was urgent to get some peer interaction. The team has always demonstrated exemplary responsibility and attention. Sophie had thoughtful words and appreciation for all her instructors, and made special unique connections to each of them; I get the impression that the various staff displayed humor; appreciation and awe of the natural world; self-awareness; wisdom; a sense of self confidence and being at ease; and mixtures of playfulness and compassion. – Mijail Serruya, parent from Merion Station, PA

During these complex times of a worldwide pandemic and social unrest, the opportunity for my son to bond with his peers in a positive and meaningful way was invaluable. He learned patience, trust, perseverance, and camaraderie that will last a lifetime. We are grateful to Adventure Treks for providing this opportunity and keeping our kids safe and enriched under extraordinary circumstances. He has said over and over that they all really bonded and are already planning to participate in the same trip next summer. – Jill Swing, parent from Charleston, SC

Some of the first words out of my son’s mouth when he got home were that he had a great time, everyone was so nice, and he felt that he was a part of a community. While connecting with nature is extremely important to me, it was the people that made his experience extraordinary. Dmac does an amazing job of choosing instructors who are excellent role models for young people and place the highest value on community-building. My child continues to reminisce about the trip and is looking forward to next year. You’re doing a brilliant job. – Marsha Berger, parent from Nashville, TN

For the past two years, Jess’ Adventure Treks experience has been the highlight of her summer. When we decided to enroll her this summer, we knew that she would have a fun and safe experience in a community of people she has come to really care about. With each trip, we have been confident that Jess has had a safe, fun, and challenging experience that has helped shape her into a independent and confident young woman. She loves the AT community and has made many lasting friendships! Kudos to AT for running trips this summer. Kids have had so many things taken away this year, so we were so appreciative of AT’s willingness to make changes and be flexible so that the kids could have the opportunity to have a fun and safe summer! – Joanna King, parent from Barrington, RI

It’s hard to believe that Ivan has just completed his fourth trip with AT. He has developed friendships with students across the country and respect for his instructors. He’s discussed some of his ideas about his future with them, and tested his own capabilities in challenging endeavors that are not possible where we live. After each trip, we see positive signs that his own horizon is growing ever more wide. Adventure Treks provides a safe environment for Ivan to be independent of his family and do new things and have experiences that are solely his. I appreciate all the work and dedication of the AT staff. I feel so blessed that this is available for Ivan. – Sydney Axtell, parent from Springfield, OH

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