2021 Parent Testimonials

Adventure Treks was an incredible, challenging, life-changing adventure! What was so valuable was the community and our daughter’s realization that she’s stronger than she thought. She feels like she made lifelong friends and can’t wait to travel with them again. – Keely Wise, parent from Chicago, IL

We were going to do Outward Bound. That seemed too extreme. We searched the website and found Adventure Treks. We liked the age of instructors and ratio of kids to instructors. The focus on community and good behavior was key. Adventure Treks exceeded our expectations. This was an experience that we had to nudge our child to go on, but he came back so optimistic, grounded, happier than we have seen him in years, and incredibly confident. He said, “It was the best combination of kids. A life-changing experience that rocked my world!” Our son learned that he CAN take care of himself, and despite obstacles, he can overcome them and feel really good about himself. – Carey Macaleer, parent from Brooklyn, NY

While a rugged outdoor experience was not our daughter’s first choice, she came home raving about her trip. Not only did she get to see a gorgeous part of the country and make good friends, but she learned that she is much stronger than she thought she was—both physically and mentally. She learned new skills (cooking, setting up tents in the rain, etc.), perseverance, and how being goofy can help you get through most anything. We had wanted her to have a fun, tech-free experience, and Adventure Treks definitely delivered. We can’t recommend it enough! – Farzanah Gangjee, parent from Houston, TX

What an amazing adventure for our son. He was exhausted, happy, and full of fun stories when we picked him up. He even told us he was going to spend less time on his phone in the future (we’ll see…). He is excited to do another Adventure Treks trip next year and also wants to continue learning about river rafting. What was most valuable for him was getting into nature with peers, forging relationships without media, working with the group toward a common goal, stretching himself to do things he wouldn’t otherwise do, and finding inner strength. We are so happy he was able to do this adventure! – Amy Garrett, parent from Oakwood, OH

My son LOVED his Adventure Treks experience. He met new friends from across the country and had new experiences from rafting to backpacking to flying without his parents to and from the trip. After 15 months of COVID, being outside with great instructors and kids and doing new things was renewing and confidence-building. It was a very healthy experience in building independence. He and his friends are already planning the Adventure Treks trip they want to do next year. Also, I am amazed by how organized Adventure Treks is and the excellence and thoroughness of your communication. I also appreciated Amanda’s attention to detail and responsiveness on all the travel arrangements. Truly exceptional. – Heather Corcoran, parent from Greenbrae, CA

My daughter left feeling extremely nervous about who would be there, and if she could handle all the challenges that would be presented… but after two weeks, she didn’t want it to end. The instructors provide the framework for the most meaningful experience. She talks about some of the traditions and conversations they had as a group, and I am overwhelmed and so grateful for everything she tells me. THE PROGRAM JUST WORKS. The framework that Adventure Treks has in place is what makes every session work. I think the most valuable results from her Adventure Treks experience were the independence and recognition for being her 100 percent authentic self. She made all these relationships on her own. A community built with no social media and all real conversations and experiences is priceless and a sure success! She returned so happy and confident, and she loves her new friends and the instructors. – Elizabeth Lenihan, parent from Glenview, KY

Adventure Treks is a community-oriented, nature-exploring, and fun program. It allows your child to experience nature in many new and awesome ways, and lets them meet many interesting people and build community with them. The community was so valuable because of how they supported one another and let each other grow in amazing ways. – Bob Emerson, parent from Piedmont, CA

While my daughter was excited about signing up, as the experience became closer, the uncertainties made it feel very scary, and she was apprehensive. The trip ended up exceeding her expectations, and she is excited to go back next summer. She felt supported by the instructors, felt comfortable in the community, and made friends. Emily commented multiple times when she got home that she felt safe and cared for. She had a lot of fun and felt proud of her accomplishments! She really enjoyed the people and the activities. She can be a picky eater, but she only had great things to say about the food. From my perspective, the most valuable part of the experience was that she had the opportunity to be in situations in which she had to be flexible and also try new things that felt challenging. I really appreciate that Adventure Treks offers the opportunity to have those experiences with the appropriate scaffolding to make them accessible to a beginner. I think it is amazing every time she does something that she thought she was too anxious to do. I wanted so badly for her to enjoy experiencing the outdoors in this way, and I was so glad that she loved it and said she wanted to go back! – Lisa Goodman, parent from Chicago, IL

Adventure Treks creates opportunities for young adults to learn important life skills, like cooperation, perseverance, and creativity. These lessons are learned through experiences, rather than contrived ones as they might be in a traditional classroom setting. As life moves on and presents moments of beauty and moments of hardship, the Adventure Treks participant has these acquired character traits and experience to reflect upon, and this will allow them to appreciate the beauty and/or conquer the hardships with grace. I really cannot think of anything that needs to improve. I love the level of professionalism. I feel that my child was safe, learning, having fun, and seeing sites that most people only dream of seeing in a lifetime. I feel blessed to have the ability to send my children on these adventures. – Christine Montero, parent from Georgetown, TX

My daughter returned from her Adventure Treks experience more mature, confident, and generally more smiley. This was not our primary motivation for sending her on the trip, but it is simply the outcome I observed. We enrolled her in the two-week Yellowstone trip, hoping she would have fun; enjoy active, outdoor experiences; grow to appreciate nature; and learn about how to be a part of a community of peers under the guidance of able leaders. As she reports, all of these goals were met and exceeded. She loved it! I believe the social emotional development was extraordinarily helpful. Also, the fact that she came home interested and excited about Yellowstone, the outdoors, and appreciating our Earth so much more. – Deborah Young, parent from Toms River, NJ

Adventure Treks is super well-organized and thoughtful about everything, from preparing beforehand with detailed information on what to pack and expect, to the social dynamics of groups of teens. We loved their focus on healthy social dynamics, avoiding cliques, inclusiveness, and high expectations of the kids to participate in all parts of the trip, from making food to setting up tents. The daily evening check-ins and fun activities helped even the shyest kids feel part of things and bond and have a great time. As parents, we also really appreciated the staff’s willingness to communicate and answer questions specific to our child, and their blog posts and photos throughout the trip were eagerly awaited and assured us that Ryan was having a good time! When I picked Ryan up at the airport, the look on their face was priceless. Big, big smiles and so much more self-confidence. On the way home in the car, Ryan couldn’t stop talking about camp. They also said (about the big summit hike at the end) that they didn’t know they were capable of that. The confidence-building, willingness to do hard things and the camaraderie of a diversity of peers were priceless for my child. When I asked if they’d like to do one next year the answer was an immediate “Definitely!!!” – Dawn Behm, parent from Duvall, WA

My son had been quarantined in his room in Los Angeles for 16 months when I started my search for camp options. I was determined to get him off screens and into nature. To my great good fortune, I stumbled upon Adventure Treks. Three weeks in the Pacific Northwest, a place he had never been, living with a small group of peers and learning how to fend for himself in nature. I took a leap of faith and signed him up. He cried two nights before he was to get on the plane, “Why are you making me do this? I don’t even like camping!” he wailed. At the airport he pulled his hoodie down and boarded anyway. Eight days later, the young man who called us from the road sounded like a different person. Exuberant, joyful, and in complete wonder at the sights, sounds, smells, and even tastes of this literal adventure. He made friends he will keep for life, he jumped off a 15-foot ledge into water, and he loves to boast regularly how I could never do what he did. We will always be grateful to Adventure Treks for giving our son this experience at a time when he needed it most. These folks have passion and heart and are experts at creating community far away from everything familiar. Do it. – Dani Klein Modisett, parent from Los Angeles, CA

Ford had a fabulous time in the Pacific Northwest. His description of the geography and the activities gave me confidence that he was having a wonderful time and appreciating being able to go on that trip. – Ginny Pace, parent from Hendersonville, NC

Adventure Treks was exactly what we’d hoped for and more. Our daughter had so much fun thanks to hard-working instructors and a thoughtful plan and group. The friends and role models with similar interests were a valuable part of the program. Thank you so much; what a special summer you gave her! – Matt Wilson, parent from Bethesda, MD

Allison gave her first Adventure Treks trip 9 out of 10 stars, which is hyperbolic for a 15-year-old! She came home filthy and exhausted, having made new friends and experienced new challenges such as mountain biking, that she loved. Her “AT report” indicated a lot of laughing and humor, bonding and supporting each other, and of course amazing interactions with the challenges and beauty of the natural world. – Catriona Moore, parent from Durham, NC

This trip was the highlight of our son’s summer! It is definitely for adventurous kids who are looking to do more than traditional camps allow and want to push themselves to be something more. My son made really good friends with all the kids and instructors. – Carrie Powers, parent from Harrisburg, NC

It is hard to put into words the impact AT has had on our kids. What was intended as a meaningful, growth-oriented summer experience has become a significant part of our kids’ identity. The activities are amazing, of course, but the way AT builds community intentionally and purposefully is truly the crown jewel of their program. My kids have made lifelong friendships and had the best time of their lives while becoming confident, capable teens. What a gift! This summer, the most valuable aspect for my son was experiencing life outside of his comfortable “bubble” at home. Making new friends outside of school or his organized sports teams and eating, sleeping, and performing daily routines outside of his comfort zone were invaluable lessons for him. We knew he would love the adventures and activities, but he needed to feel “over his skis” a little bit and learn to adapt to new social and living situations without his parents’ or sister’s support. He says he wishes he had more friends from home who are like his AT friends! He felt very comfortable and accepted in the group and is really loving the continued social interaction now that they are all home. – Katie Davidoff, parent from Steamboat Springs, CO

This is THE PREMIER adventure experience for kids in the states (or probably anywhere for that matter). The program is so well run by the administration, and the instructors (even first-timers) were outstanding—my daughter loved every one of them. They were sharp, on top of any issues that arose, and seemed to really know what they were doing. They also cared about the kids. They helped form a really tight-knit group! For the most part, they all seemed to have gotten along really well. On phone calls home and since she’s been home, she has shared numerous stories about lots of different kids, each with smiles and laughter. They really had an amazing time. – Kristie Bish, parent from Hendersonville, NC

Charlotte absolutely loved all the participants and the instructors. It was invaluable for her to get away from her family (and, really, New York City) after a year in this pandemic and to meet new friends and bond in the outdoors. – Suzanne Baillie, parent from New York, NY

Adventure Treks is my daughter’s happy place. She loves the activities, the incredible scenery, the physical challenge, and the feeling of being outdoors for 3 weeks. But the best part is the friendships, the bonding, and the feeling of being completely herself with a group of supportive, inclusive people. She loved the entire group, and loved that they came from many parts of the country and came together with no preconceived ideas of each other. She misses them all terribly and hopes to reunite with many of them soon. After the most difficult year of her life, AT was exactly what she needed. – Jen Cippoletti, parent from Darien, CT

Adventure Treks is an environment that fosters friendships, camaraderie, and responsibility for each other. After the year of pandemic isolation and lockdown, it was so vital to us to get him out to explore without the restraint of a mask. Our child came home with a new friend who happens to live only blocks from us, amazingly, and they have seen each other multiple times a week since their return! – Melinda Brownstone, parent from Los Angeles, CA

Each of the trips our son has taken have provided him with fun, adventure, independence, and personal growth. In addition to making some great friends, the instructors have been amazing leaders who were all highly skilled and qualified in hiking and outdoor adventures. What’s been valuable is just being “off the grid” and remote for three weeks! Our son loves the peacefulness of his surroundings on his AT trips, and even took opportunities to meditate when he wanted to. – Raymond Falci, parent from Mamaroneck, NY

Daniel’s experiences at AT have been so positive in so many ways—socially, emotionally, even physically. He has made stronger and deeper friendship bonds at AT than anywhere else. He has been challenged physically and has been influenced in the MOST positive of ways—by true leaders and thinkers, not by something seen on social media. He’s made close, deep bonds with boys and girls, and gained independence from parents and family and confidence from doing hard, occasionally uncomfortable activities with a supportive group.. You’re doing everything right. You really are. Just don’t stop. 🙂 Daniel has loved AT so, so much. We are eternally grateful to AT for the many gifts it has given Daniel. Thank you for all you do to give these kids valuable, life-changing experiences. – Laura Miller, parent from Cabin John, MD

I think Adventure Treks is an amazing experience; always when our son comes home, you can see how much he enjoyed it. He tells a lot of good stories and anecdotes and has good memories. I think the most valuable thing is the experience of being able to share with different types of people, be more independent, learn how to survive in and value nature, see things and be without parents, and appreciate what they have at home. Thomas loves Adventure Treks. – Maria Costa, parent from Homestead, FL

My son has had a great time and has developed self-esteem as he completed tasks he has never encountered before. It has been an integral part of my son’s development. I am thrilled by what the Adventure Treks experience offers for both parents and students. It’s a great program! – Mary Tillery, parent from Wilmington, NC

Isaac has a wonderful time and really grows on each trip in terms of his confidence and independence. I very much appreciate the thoughtfulness and experience in youth outdoor education and have complete confidence in the instructors and leadership. – Borden Lacy, parent from Nashville, TN

At AT, Ralston is able to get to know students from all over the country. As he begins his college search, it’s important to us that he thinks outside of our own region and listens to plans of peers from other regions. We are thankful that Ralston gets to experience beautiful landscapes and activities that he can continue to pursue on his own. We love the opportunity Adventure Treks provides for Ralston. – Carissa Graves, parent from Baton Rouge, LA

Our first experience with Adventure Treks far exceeded both my daughter’s and my expectations. From the moment she met the other kids and the instructors, she was challenged and had a blast… so many activities, experiences, and really great team-building activities. She said the instructors did an amazing job of making sure the group was well-integrated and cohesive. There were no cliques, so everyone enjoyed all activities together. The silly night parties and activities sounded like there was a lot of laughter. – Dana Germain Levy, parent from Bellaire, TX

Justin came home and couldn’t stop talking about his trip with Adventure Treks! He is still communicating with all of the kids from the trip, and I believe those friendships will continue for a long time. He loves being in nature but literally living outside for three weeks was a dream for Justin! He didn’t even miss his phone! Justin really enjoyed meeting kids from all over the country. He said it was nice to connect with people that normally he may not hang out with at school. – Tara Byrnes, parent from Littleton, CO

Zachary had a lot of fun and adventure with Adventure Treks. He found new friends, built his confidence, and made some amazing memories doing rafting, climbing, and hiking in incredible spots in the Northwest. – Yvette Godsey, parent from Honolulu, HI

Our daughter had a great first experience with AT this summer. She had an amazing time. The instructors were fabulous and handled everything so well, from the adventures to the cooking of meals. She met some nice kids and wants to return next summer. – Julie Weiss, parent from College Park, GA

Tyler has been with you for 10 summers—he started at Camp Pinnacle and has been dreaming of the Alaska trip for years. Also I knew that even with COVID, he would be safe and well cared for by the staff. Tyler was blown away by Alaska! He said that everywhere they went was spectacular. As always, what is most valuable to me is how he grows each summer through his Adventure Treks experience. I love that he comes home more mature, more confident, and more independent. Tyler felt this was his best group yet. He thought the group was more cohesive than any other trip he had been on. – Marni Eisner, parent from Winston-Salem, NC

AT provides your child a mixed bag of things that allows them to grow. They are challenged physically, they learn to be an important part of a community as well as making others feel the same, they have time removed from technology and realize they LOVE that part, and they are supported by a group of instructors that want to know them and want this experience to be all it can be for them by always going the extra mile. This particular trip allowed Lu to know that she can do really hard things. She was proud of her accomplishments. AT has been a part of our family for five years now, and it has been an amazing experience for all four of our children. It has provided our girls opportunities to learn to love the outdoors, make friends all around the country, realize they can do challenging things, see the value in the differences we all have, be a part of a tight knit community, and even learn some cooking skills along the way! – Katie Scruggs, parent from Huntersville, NC

AT provides challenging experiences, a wonderful and supportive community, and valuable life skills! Especially after a year in quarantine, it was valuable for our teen to be outdoors, with peers, making new friends, and having exciting adventures in beautiful settings. Anya said that she liked everyone on the trip and that they all got along, supported each other, and had fun together. She made friends from all over the country. We send our warmest thanks to the instructors for leading this trip! The circumstances sound challenging (with the heat wave, the mosquitoes, the long backpack route) and we so appreciate their creating a positive group experience, which was especially important for the kids after this difficult pandemic year. – Diana Selig, parent from Pasadena, CA

My son returned home with many stories about how great his experience with Adventure Treks was. He had a playlist of “new” music and a phone full of new friends that he talks to daily. As a parent, I believe it was the best investment I have ever made in my son’s physical and emotional wellbeing. – Melanie Kathan, Ventura, CA

Richie has participated in three Adventure Treks programs. He has looked forward to it every single time, and we trust Adventure Treks to give him a safe and unforgettable experience. Richie shows great personal growth after each camp, and regains his energy for another school year. It’s an organization we trust. – Hao Chen, parent from Redmond, WA

This was Rachel’s third summer with Adventure Treks. After a crazy COVID year, she was looking forward to her adventures in Alaska more than ever. Providing her the opportunity to be part of nature, see new things, bond with friends, and develop her independence was a special gift. AT has the ability to transform lives and reward many kids with exciting opportunities. She loved the people she was with, the instructors she interacted with, and the adventures she had. She came back wanting more and is already planning her get together with her friends. Thank you for another wonderful summer. – Tamar Brooks, parent from London, England

In addition to fabulous memories and a great new set of friends, Grace gained a stronger sense of self and understanding of how she can contribute to a group. She could see the positive impact of great leadership and culture and how that was created through activities such as plus/delta and evening meetings. She found a better version of herself on her trip. The group’s interactions were extremely impactful for Grace. She often reflects how the instructors worked to create such a positive environment that celebrated everyone. – Tara McGroddy, parent from Westfield, NJ

The measure of a successful summer camp is when the child wants to return the next year. Chelsea is already looking forward to next year. We are pleased with all the pictures and blogs that we saw. With nearly every picture of our daughter we saw that her joy and smile had returned. She was enjoying herself and hopefully making lifelong friends. The most valuable experience was the electronics-free environment. This is something we struggle at as parents and having this happen in a summer program environment with her peers was so beneficial. Kudos to all involved with Adventure Treks. We look forward to the future years. – Matthew Cornwall, parent from Austin, TX

Adventure Treks was exactly what our daughter needed. The most valuable thing about this experience was that she got off the computer and got to be around actual human beings, making personal connections. She told me that Adventure Treks was “the hardest she has ever pushed herself,” and I am so proud of her for going outside her comfort zone and finishing the trip successfully. – Rebecca Merrigan, parent from Coeur d Alene, ID

I was referred to Adventure Treks from another AT family. Hearing their daughter describe her own experiences year after year with AT got my kids really intrigued. We watched each of the videos to decide what would be the best fit for one of my kids, and by the time we had decided, another one of my kids had decided that she also wanted to go. The excitement built for more than six months as they each looked forward to their trips. They both returned home on the same day, and hearing them share stories with each other and comparing their trips was so much fun for me. They were both sad to be leaving their friends and getting back into the real world. My daughter shared with me when she returned that she was sad to be home because AT had become her life with her new friends. Two weeks just wasn’t enough! We can’t wait to go back and try other destinations! – Meredith Alderson, parent from Austin, TX

My daughter can’t stop talking about her adventures—she said it was the best trip ever, the best kids ever, and the best instructors ever. She truly misses everyone. She described the community like a big family. – Svetlana Calderon, parent from Miami Beach, FL

I would highly recommend Adventure Treks. Every trip detail was well thought out, from the travel arrangements to trip activities to the meals that were prepared to any medical needs each child would have. My son loved the adventures as well as the other students and the instructors. As a parent, I was pleased to hear that he learned about working together as a group toward a common goal, whether it was through looking out for others while on a hike or working with his team to prepare a meal. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Adventure Treks. It was a great experience from beginning to end. I have a daughter who took a trip through a similar company a couple years ago. She too had a wonderful experience, and we were very impressed, but I have to say that Adventure Treks took the idea of an adventure trip for teens to another level. – Mia Newton, parent from Greenwich, CT

At Adventure Treks, students learn to think for themselves and for their group. They are encouraged every step of the way and are so thrilled when they have learned and mastered something they never imagined they could do (e.g., summiting Mt. St. Helens). My daughter learned the value of thinking as a group and not as one. She learned how to cook for a group and plan as a group. She blossomed under such fabulous leadership and learned what she is truly capable of doing, how accepting she could be, how to develop valuable insights into how people get along, and how to encourage people to move way beyond what they thought they could do. I would highly recommend this program and Bella’s trip! – Stacy Garner, parent from Winter Park, FL

Adventure Treks has helped shape who our children are. It provides a unique experience to develop resilience, responsibility, and a sense of belonging to a larger community that both contributes to them and to which they need to contribute. My son enjoyed this year’s experiences, especially the backpacks, but by far his biggest praises were for the community and the opportunities he got to interact with fellow participants and instructors. He described it as “really close.” He felt he got to “really” meet everyone, and that there was a real sense of community where everyone was helpful. – Raquel Garrido, parent from the Dominican Republic

Otelia was able to stretch herself and accomplish more than she ever expected during her trip. She learned self-reliance, how to work with teammates, and how to realize her goals. She came back more confident and self-assured than when she left. – Kim Sears, parent from Wyndmoor, PA

Adventure Treks provides a judgment-free climate where everyone can be themselves. The physical and emotional challenges they overcome in the wilderness provide a sense of self-confidence and gratitude that is hard to find elsewhere. Grace has enjoyed the instructors and students and wilderness over the past five years. She finds getting away from the stress of normal life invigorating. – Kristin Casale, parent from Greenwich, CT

Adventure Treks’ approach of helping students set goals, achieve and possibly exceed those goals, then circling back to reflect on those achievements was the main reason we chose AT. This program purposely and thoughtfully helps children reflect and evaluate milestones creating and strengthening self-confidence and empathy. My child came home from his first AT program standing two inches taller and bursting with pride. AT strengthened his self-confidence and sense of self. I think the best experience at AT for our son was being away from home for an extended period of time and facing multiple mental and physical challenges. He made great friends and returned home with what seemed like endless stories about fellow students and instructors. It was supportive, challenging, and fun! And I think you all did an excellent job communicating with parents and the kids. – Hilary Hayes, parent from Garrison, NY

Our daughter was apprehensive about leaving her friends and her social media access for two weeks. She also was nervous about some of the activities. She overcame these concerns and had a tremendous time. She built new friendships that were based on shared experiences.– Matthew Campagna, parent from Bainbridge Island, WA

Adventure Treks is a place where our son can have fun adventures and see amazing sights, while having valuable experiences and building life skills like quickly getting to know new people and becoming a team. It is a great complement to his schooling and extracurricular activities, and it helps him be a more well-rounded person. It’s an important part of Simon’s year, and it wouldn’t be a complete summer without an AT trip. He loves the adventures, the friends he makes, the awesome instructors, and every single detail about AT. We love the experiences he gains each year. You guys are always great and you always meet our high expectations! – Stacy Brees, parent from Atlanta, GA

The program exceeded our expectations across the board. Maya’s group experienced smoke due to fires on Mt. Shasta, and the instructors needed to pivot the itinerary. The communication to parents was timely and reassuring. Maya definitely built confidence in herself with the challenges (physical and mental) that she had to overcome, while building close relationships with the community. She also fell in love with the outdoors, which was a very important outcome that we were hoping Maya would take away. Maya loved the community and appreciated that they could talk about anything. – Michelle Maynard, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

Our daughter had many wonderful opportunities to meet new people from all over the country, take on physically challenging activities, and immerse herself in the communal effort needed to successfully navigate a three-week outdoor adventure. My daughter had so much fun the first time around. She was really looking forward to going on a longer outing this summer. – Meredith Rose, parent from Pasadena, CA

Abby just loved her trip to Oregon and Washington. It was beyond just the beauty. She formed lifelong friendships, she learned new skills, she had fun, and she pushed herself to try new things. All the students got to know each other, and AT did a great job of mixing up the kids. She learned new skills and participated in hikes and other activities that she may never have done before. She loved camping and learned new skills with that as well. The instructors were amazing, including all the staff that ran this trip and Adventure Treks. She didn’t even want to come home; this trip made her summer and beyond. – Lori Shapiro, parent from Northbrook, IL

Our daughter has done four summers with Adventure Treks and comes back with new confidence, openness to try new things, and comfort in her place in the world every time. I can’t imagine her life without AT. Mary loves the adventure and the people, and we feel completely confident that she is safe and in great care, physically and emotionally. – Jill Bondurant, parent from Tampa, FL

AT has been the best thing my kids have ever done over summer break. They can’t wait to go back every year. They come home with such a great positive attitude, ready to tackle anything. The confidence they gain is incredible. The friendships they make will last a lifetime. Memories they will cherish forever! Thank you AT! – Carrie Ganzhorn, parent from Apex, NC

We love Adventure Treks! From flying across the country solo, to summiting a mountain, to backpacking and rock climbing, my daughter was consistently challenged. She gained confidence in herself, made new friends, and had an amazing experience. – Julie Morris, parent from Durham, NC

This program was truly transformational for my child. She benefited on so many different levels in so many different ways. Truly a profound experience. Formed close relationships with peers and staff. Unforgettable trip. – Yvette Joffe, parent from Los Angeles, CA

Fritz had so much fun with the other students and his instructors. The adventures were fun, and sharing those adventures with his group was even more rewarding. Fritz feels that he connected with everyone on the trip. We are very pleased with the experience. – Elise Duda, parent from Winnetka, IL

Luke felt embraced and supported by everyone on the trip, and really felt that the instructors took the time to truly get to know him as a person. He returned home more centered, more confident, and with a healthier outlook for the year ahead! Definitely the instructors. They were more than just responsible adults there to keep Luke safe—they were also mentors and guides, and they left a huge impression on him during a pivotal time in his development as a young man. – Diana Doherty, parent from Doylestown, PA

From the stunning beauty, activities, and sleeping on the shore and under the stars, to the food and incredible friends and instructors, there wasn’t a minute my daughter didn’t love. It was the perfect medicine for a high schooler during these pandemic times with too much social media. The friend connection is beyond expectations, and they have communicated (sometimes long times on group FaceTimes at night) to recreate their hangout time. Would highly recommend. What a fabulous organization providing a life-altering experience to kids while the parents feel comfortable. – Cheri Weber, parent from Wilmette, IL

My child came back from Adventure Treks excited to share her experiences with us. She had an amazing time, connected with others (including her wonderful instructors), and loved the opportunity to disconnect from technology and immerse herself in nature and the outdoors. She is excited to attend again next year. She loved it all! – Jacque Ewing, parent from Broomfield, CO

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my 13-year-old. The Pacific Northwest trip provided the adventure and (supervised) independence that I felt was most necessary for my child as she enters her last year of middle school. From day one of the trip, my child was able to have fun and new experiences, make friends, and be outside of the little world she has been forced into by the circumstances of the past few years. She appreciated her peers’ differences and was grateful for their similarities. These were the things that also made the trip special; she could bond over similarities and learn about how differences can sometimes be beneficial or a challenge, depending on the circumstances. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience Adventure Treks provided for her. There was just the right amount of challenge mixed in with laid back moments to keep her happy. I will forever refer my friends and family to Adventure Treks. – Stephanie Carroll, parent from Carlsbad, CA

Sydney and Sam both loved AT. The program exposed them to new people, new challenges, and new experiences. They learned a lot, grew as individuals, became more confident, and made friendships that we hope will last a lifetime. – Eric Greenwald, parent from Miami Beach, FL

My daughter had the time of her life on her AT trip to Colorado. Not only were the adventures and activities amazing, but also the instructors and students fostered an open and supportive environment of fun and community-building. Eva loved the instructors: funny, engaging, personable. Fantastic job! – Beatrice Gibney, parent from Scarsdale, NY

Jonah had fantastic adventures throughout his trip. Whitewater rafting, climbing mountains, backpacking, biking, kayaking, and more. We wish there was an adult version—we were jealous and so pleased. Each aspect of the trip was so well thought-out, from food to weather to gear. Jonah felt very appreciated and included, and the small kindnesses shown by the instructors and other students made the community experience first-rate. – TJ Intner, parent from Baltimore, MD

Adventure Treks was a true life-changer for Sam this year. After a year of challenges, this was three weeks of a summer reset. Separation from her phone, forming amazing friendships with kids from all over, creating a new routine of evening meditation, and having support for the physical challenges the group faced was a game-changer for her. She came back happy, with a very positive attitude for the upcoming school year. The experience was awesome for Samantha, and we fully trust Adventure Treks and their staff. – Hilary Munson, parent from Tampa, FL

Adventure Treks is a wonderful way for your child to make amazing memories and see the great outdoors while doing fun and challenging activities with supportive peers (who start out as strangers but become close friends). While doing all this, they gain so much personal growth—increasing their confidence and resilience while learning valuable communication and teamwork skills.They also get a much-needed break from electronics and hopefully a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors. My son’s three Adventure Treks experiences have influenced what he wants to study in college (environmental science), and he plans to join any outdoor group his college offers. I’m so glad he was introduced to the outdoor community at AT. – Valerie Busch, parent from Charlotte, NC

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