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Adventure Treks provided a character-building experience that our son will remember his whole life. He really enjoyed the other kids. The company does an amazing job at addressing concerns. I really felt like the leadership goes above and beyond to make parents feel comfortable. – Jeff, parent from Los Angeles, CA

This trip was such an amazing experience, and I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone because it really paid off. I made lifelong friends and memories. – Shelby, 15, Napoleon, MO

Jack had an incredible experience and came home planning for next summer with Adventure Treks. He was in a fun and supportive environment, while being challenged on activities that are on line with his interests. He described summiting Mount Shastina as the hardest thing physically he’s ever done, and at the same time it was the highlight of his Adventure Treks trip. The staff creates challenging yet fun opportunities which allows the kids to feel successful, whether it’s whitewater rafting or competing in a cooking competition around the campfire. We appreciated that the kids were mixed up for different activities and in tents at night which eliminated any cliques from forming. As a result, Jack felt part of a community and made great friends with everyone, campers and staff alike. – Nikki and Micah, parents from Atlanta, GA

It was an experience I won’t forget. It wasn’t what I expected, but I left having had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people, and broken down physical barriers I never thought I could break. – Peter, 14, Alamo, CA

It is hard to explain the real impact of Adventure Treks. As young men and women find their way through a busy, stimulated life, AT gives them space to be themselves. Away from crazy, urban, Miami life, our son was able to absorb nature into his pores. He formed deep bonds with new friends that comes only from shared challenges and real community. Daniele was awed by the starry sky on the remote coastline, laughed his way drifting down a river, and affirmed his inner strength by summiting Mt. Shastina. At this critical time in life, AT provides a great way for teens to strengthen their core, appreciate a supportive community, and remember there is a vast world out there waiting to be explored! I look forward to watching this experience seep out of Daniele for a long time to come. – Laura, parent from Miami, FL

Adventure Treks is an amazing program where you can be yourself, be a leader, make amazing friends, and grow as a person while being surrounded by people who care about you. I loved all the instructors and the whole trip. They had so much love, caring, and support for me. Every moment something was going on with activities, and it was fun all of the time. I never knew how much laughing and smiling I could do. Simplicity of the outdoors brings so much happiness! – Kate, 14, Erdenheim, PA

Adventure Treks gave Bailey an opportunity to get to know himself on a deeper and more emotional level and helped him develop strong bonds with his peers. It’s a no-judgment zone where the kids can truly be who they are with each other and be accepted as just that. So often teens are holding back and keeping their guard up that they really don’t get to reveal who they really are—what makes them laugh, their silly sides, their worries, etc. My son is sad to be home now because he misses the incredible relationships he made with his new friends, but that’s a good thing because now he knows that relationships like that are possible! On each of the phones calls, and numerous times since he returned, he has said, “I have been with the most incredible friends ever,” and “we grew so close, so quickly.” Neither of those are phrases I have ever heard come from his mouth! – Daria, parent from Bradenton, FL

Adventure Treks was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I cannot believe all the stuff I was able to do and the AMAZING friends I made. It was a life-changing experience that I will remember forever. – Jamie, 15, Malibu, CA

Zea’s experience was everything we all hoped for. She loved the community, was challenged and did more than she ever knew she could, and had experiences beyond what we could give her within our family. Her words: “Amazing. I don’t want to come home.” – Lisa and Karl, parents from Santa Cruz, CA

This was the best summer I’ve ever had—insanely great people in an insanely great place. I really, really appreciate the opportunities I was given. Thank you! – Jessie, 16, Pepperell, MA

It is very difficult for me to describe this program. I can tell parents the things that Callie did on the trip, like backpacking, hiking, canoeing and climbing Mt. Saint Helens—all of which are extremely impressive. However, it is the confidence she gained and the more positive outlook she has developed—as well as being around people from different areas of the world with different perspectives—that really attract us to the program and make it such a wonderful and worthwhile experience. She loved the community, both the students and the instructors, and I love that she had such talented and motivated instructors as role models. – Shayna, parent from Cochran, GA

I came to AT feeling a little nervous, and all of that went away very quickly. My instructors are some of the best group of people that I have ever met in my life. I made so many friends that I did not want to leave! – Leo,13, Chicago, IL

Adventure Treks was life-changing—it gave her so much confidence, and she was so happy. Cate had a great time; it exceeded all of her expectations. – Annick, parent from Hopkinton, NH

AT was fantastic. So fun. I only wanted to come home because I missed my parents and roller derby. Otherwise, I’d rather be there. – Adi, 15, Lakewood, OH

Ben loves the outdoors, and there are countless outdoor adventure programs. But he has done three summers with Adventure Treks because of the community, team-building, and sense of this is where he belongs. They build such a tight community with life-long friends in such a short period. He said to me on one call that the awesomeness of sitting through evening light looking at pristine views helped make many of his worries seem small. – Robin Damschroder, Ann Arbor, MI

Adventure Treks is a life-changing experience where you learn to love nature and develop a strong community. My last trip was so amazing. It came at a very important time in my life where I really needed something like this. It had a perfect group of fun and supportive instructors. I can’t wait to come back next year! – Zoe, 16, Poulsbo, WA

Adventure Treks provides an incredible adventurous experience for teenagers. It fosters independence and at the same time community. AT developed Julia’s sense of self by allowing her to challenge herself through so many wonderful wilderness activities. She has made friends from all over the country. They have continued to plan their AT trips so that can meet up again. AT has been a life-changing experience for my daughter in so many positive ways. – Pam Woodson, Bradenton, FL

AT is the best way to spend a summer and form relationships with both students and instructors that grow even stronger afterward. This year’s trip was amazing—even better than last year’s! – Cece, 15, Chevy Chase, MD

It was a trip of a lifetime, but not for the faint of heart! Aaron saw amazing scenery, learned important survival skills, developed resilience and leadership skills, made great friends… I could go on and on. The weather and other challenges taught him how to anticipate events and be prepared and alert at all times. It helped him develop better judgment. – Sarah Segal, Montclair, NJ

Thank you all. You have helped created memories that will last forever. Your kindness and interest in me have made me so much more confident. I can’t thank you enough. I love and respect you all! – Tommy, 17, Hingham, MA

My daughter Emma absolutely loves Adventure Treks, has amazing experiences, gets stretched, pushed and pulled into a new person each time, and makes great friends. She would not be the same person without her AT experience. It balances out the rest of her easy, electronic, comfort-centered world in a way that she finds enjoyable and not punishing. – Ann Stout, Houston, TX

AT, I can never thank you for what you did for me. It was a humbling and mind-opening experience for me. I would tell my friends they just need to go to AT to find out what it’s about. – Rudy, 13, Cardiff, CA

It was an amazing trip! Danny had tons of fun while learning new skills and gaining self-confidence. The trip provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet new kids and enjoy the outdoors in a way that went far beyond what a family trip could offer. – Ron Shade, Deerfield, IL

AT was an experience I will never forget that brought me closer to the outdoors and new friends. Living for two weeks in a close community made me feel supported and loved. – Maria, 13, New York, NY

Aidan loves the time away from home. He is very social and truly enjoys creating and nourishing relationships with new friends. Additionally, he really appreciates the break from electronics and the chance to become fitter and healthier. He loves being active. This summer he really leaned on his instructors and his community. As he is entering high school this fall, he is very anxious about the future. He found a supportive and caring community to help alleviate some of his fears. He is returning to school as a more confident kid. There is a confidence that comes from knowing your friendship net is wide and not restricted to your school community. – Shelley McLay, Franklin, TN

AT is a fun experience that I would without a doubt recommend going on. The trip was amazing, and the community was amazing. I can’t wait to come back next year and have fun on more trips! – Ezra, 14, Portland, OR

Adventure Treks has been incredible opportunity for our son to challenge himself physically and emotionally while having a great time and meeting great friends. – James Bergin, Chappaqua, NY

Adventure Treks is my happy place and the best community I’ve ever been in. I didn’t think there was anything new at AT for me. I thought I’d seen it all, but Alaska and all my instructors proved me wrong. I absolutely loved this trip; thank you for making it such a success. – Lena, 16, Chicago, IL

Adventure Treks was great lesson in growing up, doing things on your own, and meeting new people with whom you have to perform teamwork. Anna came home with a new side to her personality and a new independence to do things more on her own. She talked non-stop for the four-hour ride home. She loved it! She can’t wait to come back next year. I think the leaders have designed a great program for teens in that awkward phase. The program is very successful, in my view, in helping the teen get over their fears of being different, being hesitant to participate, and being shy in general. – Rob Turner, Mt. Pleasant, SC

AT is awesome and it lets your true self come out. Thank you so much for all the great years. I will never forget them and the friends that I made! – Spencer, 17, Morristown, NJ

Quinn had a true outdoor experience, as opposed to being in a cabin at a regular camp. She learned how to backpack, camp, and contribute to a community. She dropped any shyness or reservations she had and just had fun! She found the other kids to be welcoming—no one put on airs. They all wanted to be there and were enthusiastic about the trip. She said some of them were really funny and kept her laughing and the instructors were awesome. She said you would think they would be serious and stoic (like a teacher or coach), but they made everything so much more fun. Since returning, she is more aware of time management and handling the task at hand. She has asked for ways to help outside in the yard, and she looks adults in the eye now, which she never would do before. – Kelly Conway, Bethlehem, PA

AT is the best decision I have ever made. My friends here are my family. I have done the Pacific Northwest, Blue Ridge, British Columbia, California Challenge, and Ultimate Northwest. AT is a worthy opponent to the perpetual laziness of an unfulfilled summer. I love Adventure Treks. Thank you for giving me all that I have gained. It has changed my life. – Stefan, 15, Southern Pines, NC

Adventure Treks was great on so many levels! It was a valuable and positive experience for a young teen finding his place in the world. James loved the rock climbing, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting, but he mostly loved the relationships and learning to be his best self. – Diane Parana, Berlin, MD

Adventure Treks is a great opportunity to meet a bunch of really cool people and learn new things about yourself while having a blast outdoors. Thank you all for a fabulous trip. The instructors made me feel like family and were all so kind and loving. I had a great time and made friends with the coolest people. I’m so happy that I found AT! – Emma, 16, Coronado, CA

Adventure Treks is a great experience for learning independence, gaining autonomy, and making friendships. – Uberto Fumagalli Romario, Milano, Italy

I had an awesome time at Adventure Treks, and I am so happy I came. I learned a lot of stuff, and I did things I never thought I could. I made a lot of new friends, and I am going to miss everyone! – Sarah, 16, Suresnes, France

It’s a leap of faith to send your kid to a camp that you’ve come across on the internet. Of course, we did as much digging and research as we could to find out what Adventure Treks is all about on Cooper’s first trip in 2015. AT exceeded our expectations as far as adult/kid ratio, qualifications of the counselors, thoroughness of itineraries, and packing lists. The fact that kids are expected to participate in meal prep, clean-up, etc. is fantastic. We especially love the no-phone policy. – Sue Gruber, Santa Rosa, CA

The people I met at AT are some of the best people I’ve ever known. I saw little to none of the mean competitiveness that I see at school, and people were helpful and glad to be so. I love the AT mindset and the emphasis on self-growth and growth as a community. – Kevin, 16, McLean, VA

Sam loved his third trip with Adventure Treks! The food is great and the locations spectacular. He especially loved mountain biking and felt safe yet challenged by the summit attempt of Mt. Shasta. – Betsy Lord, Wilmington, NC

Adventure Treks is the most fun thing you can do with your summer. I want to thank all of the instructors for their unconditional support and love. And the activities were an absolute blast! – Katie, 14, Potomac, MD

Adventure Treks is a good way to challenge your child and build awareness of his or her abilities and what one can accomplish when given a set of goals. – Michael Washburn, Phenix City, AL

Thank you for being such awesome instructors! You all helped my physical and mental strength so much, and I hope to see you all again. – Ben, 13, Beijing, China

In Jordan’s own words, he had an “AMAZING” time. The community on his trip surpassed his expectations. – Alyssa Scherer, Tarrytown, NY

I love the AT program. This has been the best time of my life. I love everyone from my trip like family, and I went to the best places I’ve ever seen. Simply amazing. Thanks for the best summer ever. – Mark, 15, Highland Park, IL

Adventure Treks helped our son appreciate more things for what they were and improved his culinary skills and love for the outdoors. – Xiaoyan Cai, Pittsburgh, PA

Being at AT is probably the happiest I’ve ever been! – Chloe, 14, Telluride, CO

It was a great first-time camping adventure. Henry got a great outdoors experience without being totally removed from civilization. He thought his community was pretty cool. – Will Dunn, Rocky River, OH

I love the people, the trips, and everything else about Adventure Treks so much. It really is the hardest thing when everyone has to leave and say goodbye. No matter who you are or where you’re from, Adventure Treks has something for everyone! – Audi, 15, Ely, IA

Grace has been positively glowing since she returned from her Adventure Treks experience. When we asked her about what it was like to summit Mt. Adams, she said “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done” as she beamed from ear to ear. She has spent much of the three days since she has been back in communication with her peers from the trip. They are already planning a reunion and discussing returning for another AT adventure next summer! I have no doubt that this experience will have a lasting, positive, and meaningful effect on my daughter. She said her community was wonderful. The counselors said that this group was one of the closest they have had. She talks about a variety of the teens who were on the trip with her; there seems to have only been one who was a personality challenge, and she has only discussed him minimally. Her focus has been on the many and varied positive interactions with her instructors and peers. It sounds like the instructors really listened and cared about the students. There also were many activities that clearly had a positive effect on strengthening peer relations. – Sarah Beneke, Akron, OH

I went to Camp Pinnacle for four years before coming to AT. I loved camp, but AT really solidified my love for the outdoors and encouraged me to find myself. – Sydney, 15, Homestead, FL


Sending your child on an Adventure Treks trip is something you or child will never regret. The only regret you might have is not sending them. Jenna said the instructors were the best and very cool. All of the kids wanted to be there, and everyone got along and supported each other. She gained a lot from the trip and is already trying to figure out how she can return. She had all of the above but no doubt she’s improved in all these areas. Most improved is her confidence to tackle her senior year and college applications. – Jeff Bradfute, Irmo, SC

Adventure Treks is an amazing experience with an amazing group of people. There’s nothing else like it. I want to thank the AT team for giving me three of the best summers of my life. – Ben, 17, Ann Arbor, MI

Riley had a great time. She called home twice, but each time she was calling to say “Hi, I’m having fun” and then wanted to get off the phone and back to the fun. The stories when she returned were punctuated with laughter and excitement. She seemed to know the name of every other camper and had a story about her interaction with each of them. Every story was positive and supportive. She really had a great time. – Stephen Williamson, Arden, NC

AT taught me the importance of having a positive attitude and open mind because curveballs are always going to be thrown at us and we have to be ready to turn them into a great time. My AT trips are the best thing ever. It’s a magical place where there is a strong community, life-changing experiences, and leadership opportunities. Alaska was, by far, the best summer I’ve ever had, thanks to the community, amazing instructors, and Alaska’s beauty. I’m sad it’s over. – Anna, 18, Montclair, NJ

Hannah had the best time on this trip. She loved all the kids she met and enjoyed being a part of the experience. It had really helped boost her confidence and improve communication skills. The whole group is keeping in touch and communicating almost every day since they have returned. It’s the best thing we have ever done for her! – Jennifer Culler, Daniel Island, SC

Thank you, Adventure Treks, for the best getaway to the crazy outdoors I could ever imagine. I now love all aspects of the great outdoors! – Chase, 13, Royersford, PA

Chloe’s Adventure Treks experience was an incredible growing experience! She said the kids are her new best friends—each and everyone in the community. – Jenna, Telluride, CO

AT taught me to laugh in every situation, and to always try my hardest and push myself. I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. I had way more fun than I thought, and I laughed more than I have ever before! – Bella, 15, Venice, CA

Our two sons love it! It’s an incredible opportunity for them to find themselves, develop leadership skills, and explore independence. We love Adventure Treks! They said their communities were amazing and the best ones yet. They wish they could be on an Adventure Treks trip year-round. – Karen Rogow, Atlanta, GA

If you’re on the fence about doing something like this, go for it! It was the best outdoor experience I’ve ever had. AT taught me to never give up no matter the challenge; always focus on the present; put your full effort into what you’re doing; and show respect for your community. – James, 13, Zebulon, GA

This is simply an amazing and well-run organization. On Anjali’s first trip, she was a little nervous about going on her own, but she ended up loving it. She had an amazing time and decided to return (for four trips). I love the fact that she is not “plugged in” and in nature with other kids 24/7, sleeping under the stars, laughing with friends, and having fun while learning to be independent. – Mayuri Parikh, New City, NY