Adventure Treks’ Approach to Coronavirus – For Staff

The support and patience of the Adventure Treks staff and parent community has been deeply appreciated. Last month, we were optimistic that we would have more information by now about what Adventure Treks would look like this summer. We are still waiting for the CDC and American Camp Association guidelines before we make a final, informed decision—hopefully that will come by or around May 15.

Dock and Dmac have been spending at least 20 hours per week in meetings and webinars and on the phone with people from all over the country: America Outdoors COVID-19 task force, accountants, public health experts, doctors, outfitters and guide owners, ACA and other national camp organizations, insurance companies, and lawyers.

While we wait for CDC guidance, we’ve continued to revise our protocols and guidelines, and we’re still making backup plans. We must consider each state’s vision of teen summer programs for 2020, whether they’ve identified the realities of camp life and its benefits, or simply applied blanket rules and restrictions to our industry from others. If the CDC require constant gloves, masks, and social distancing, for example, then it wouldn’t be camp. We are prepared for Adventure Treks to look different (and more hygienic than ever) this summer, but there is a point at which an AT trip could lose its many benefits.

Like you, we have been consumed by a variety of emotions and responsibilities as the importance of making decisions that are in the best interest of our students and staff rests heavy. Thanks for believing in the value of Adventure Treks. As summer camps and teen programs have been deemed an essential business by our county, we’ve been working nonstop to prepare for the summer. This work keeps us sane and hopeful. There is nothing we want more than to greet our students at the airport, hear their laughter, and see the joy on their faces as they get a much-deserved break from the new realities of living under COVID-19.

We will continue to communicate, hopefully with good news. You will know when we know, but don’t hesitate to call us at 888-954-5555 with any questions or concerns.

Dock and Dmac

Links to the data and science we’ve found helpful in making decisions for this summer

A weekly summary of US COVID-19 Hospitalization Data

Takeaways: From the week of March 7 to the week of May 2:

  • 13,037 adults ages 18–65+ were hospitalized (with 90 percent of adult hospitalizations having an underlying condition).
  • Comparatively, only 77 children ages 0-17 were hospitalized.

CDC: Provisional COVID-19 Death Counts by Sex, Age, and State

Takeaways: From February 1 to May 2:

  • There have been 771,637 total deaths (all ages/sexes) reported in the United States
  • COVID-19 deaths in people ages 0–34: 375 (317 in the 25–34 age range)
  • COVID-19 + pneumonia deaths in people ages 0–34: 155
  • Influenza deaths in people ages 0–34: 259
  • Non-COVID pneumonia in people ages 0–34: 746 (66 percent in the 25–34 age range)

American Camp Association: FAQ: The ACA’s approach to COVID-19

National Centre for Immunisation on Research and Surveillance: COVID-19 in schools – the experience in NSW (Australia)

The BBC: Switzerland says young children can hug grandparents

South China Morning Post: The coronavirus affects preteens less; does evoluation play a role in protecting our youth?

Bloomberg: UK to see ‘inflationary depression’ post-pandemic 

New York Times: The Covid-19 riddle: Why does the virus wallop some places and spare others?

The Hill: New study finds few cases of outdoor transmission of coronavirus

CNN: If you must fly, here are some tips to do it safely

New York Times: Could the power of the sun slow the coronavirus?

Just the News: Sunlight destroys COVID-19 within minutes, say scientists

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