Adventure Treks’ Approach to COVID-19

COVID-19 update for summer 2021

As we look ahead to summer 2021, it’s impossible to know what the world will look like on June 21, 2021, when we open our first Adventure Treks trip of the summer. We do know, however, that having successfully operated Adventure Treks COVID-free during summer 2020 that we’ll be ready for the many challenges 2021 will be sure to bring.

Summer 2021 will look different than previous years. Though there’s hope for a vaccine in the near future, it may then be reserved only for at-risk populations and essential workers. We’re also hopeful that testing will be inexpensive, easily available, and accurate—with rapid results. We anticipate that we will still operate in a “bubble,” but that with reliable testing, people will feel comfortable flying to our trips in the North American West.

We have many months to prepare. We’ll continue to study the science and adapt state-of-the-art plans from other industries so that we can operate the safest and most substantive outdoor experiences possible. As we dive into 2021 planning, we are looking at ways to better insulate our groups from the outside world, improving our food procurement systems, and leasing private and isolated campsites.

We promise to continue to operate with the ingenuity, discipline, trust, and work ethic that we delivered in 2020, and we will always communicate our plans and protocols with parents.

Did Adventure Treks operate in 2020?

Yes! However, Adventure Treks did not operate our normal trips in the American West in summer 2020. Simply put, the logistical and potential quarantine challenges were too great should something have gone wrong.

But we couldn’t imagine a summer without AT. Using the guidelines from the American Camp Association and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (and in partnership with the Henderson County Health Department and support of our local government), we operated on a smaller scale from our 12-acre basecamp in western North Carolina. We leased private land and set up campsites so we could isolate our trip groups in their own bubble, with minimal contact with the outside world. We focused on effective pre-trip screening and testing, daily symptom screening, exclusive use of outdoor venues, constant hand-washing and vigilant hygiene, wearing masks when in vans and indoor spaces, and physically distancing when appropriate.

We’re thrilled to report that no only did we run a COVID-free summer, but students also had an incredibly fun time having outdoor adventures with peers in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Our return rate for 2021 already exceeds 60 percent, with some trips having a 95 percent return rate.

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For 2020 families who transferred payments to 2021

You are able to request a full refund until January 1, 2021, if you are unable to make a trip happen in 2021.

  • Full tuition transfer: For families who have paid in full, you will lock in the 2020 tuition rates for 2021 if you transfer your full tuition payment. You will also be able to transfer any early enrollment discounts you received for 2020.
  • Deposit transfer: For families who have paid their $800 deposit, you will receive $100 off 2021 tuition if you transfer your full deposit payment. (This $100 discount cannot be combined with any other early enrollment discounts.)

Full cancellation policy and terms and conditions

Trip and travel insurance

As you consider travel insurance, make sure you read through the fine print carefully. Insurance typically will not cover cancellation due to “fear of travel”; essentially, they won’t reimburse you if you’re worried about how COVID-19 may impact your student’s travel plans. If you purchased the “cancel for any reason” rider, call your insurance company to see if “fear of travel” is covered.

Some companies do not have exclusions regarding epidemics or pandemics, meaning you may make claims including emergency medical or trip interruption if your child contracts COVID-19 or goes under quarantine while traveling.

Read through your insurance (or credit card) company’s FAQs regarding COVID-19, or call them directly to get all of your questions answered.

*If due to COVID-19 and/or other reasons outside our control Adventure Treks is unable to operate programs in 2021, enrolled families will be offered the option of transferring tuition forward to 2022 with no fee or requesting a full refund.