Originally from southern California, Ben spent three months this spring in Malawi where he worked in clinics and refugee camps and backpacked around Mt. Mulanje (9,849 feet). He works as an EMT and CPR instructor while he attends school in Nebraska; he’s also been a summer camp counselor in California and teaching assistant for rescue courses, and he’s worked at rock climbing gyms. Some of his rescue and relief work include stints in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida and in Fort Meyers, FL, after Hurricane Ian.

  • Education: Union College, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international rescue and relief
  • Certifications: Emergency medical technician, swiftwater rescue specialist, recreational rappelling operator, rope rescue specialist, CPR instructor
  • Favorite outdoor memory: Camping under the stars with my dad at Joshua Tree. I remember him trying to explain the vastness of space to me as we gazed up at the Milky Way.
  • Favorite outdoor achievement: One of my favorite outdoor memories is summiting Mt. Shasta. It had been a long-time dream of mine.
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled: The Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. Witnessing nature and encountering the beautiful animals that call it home has made me appreciate our planet more.
  • Favorite hobbies: My favorite hobbies are rock climbing, running, and playing games with friends. I enjoy being part of a great community and having fun.
  • What are you most excited for this summer? I am looking forward to the opportunity to connect with new people and build a new community. I’m excited to teach students new skills as well. I can’t wait for a great time!