Trip leader

Originally from Tucson, AZ, Kassi has lived all over the U.S. Most recently, Kassi earned her yoga teacher certification in Thailand. Previously, she worked for AmeriCorps in Wisconsin, working on the 675-mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail. She’s also tutored students in math, writing, and behavior management in Hawaii. Before that, she was a division leader at Chestnut Lake Camp in Pennsylvania, and the co-director for Camp Adventure in Tucson. Kassi recently earned a certification as a wildland firefighter.

  • Education: Washington State University, bachelor’s degree in psychology and neuroscience
  • Certifications: Emergency medical technician, wildland firefighting, ropes rescue, yoga teacher, open water diver
  • Favorite outdoor memory: Last summer with AT, I was an instructor for a group of 13 BOYS. They were rowdy and loud, but there was this moment when the sun was setting one night at camp at the base of the Tetons, and that whole group of young men just sat in silence, watching that sun set for about 30 minutes. In utter amazement, utter awe. We all sat in a mutual oneness, enjoying the beauty unfold before our eyes. It’s was the quietest they were on that entire trip! Such a beautiful moment.
  • Favorite outdoor achievement: The first time I ever went on a solo hike. I wasn’t used to doing things on my own, and I got lost a few times. By the time I even made it to the trailhead, I was already four miles deep. My six-mile hike ended up being more than 10 miles long. I wanted to turn back so many times. No one would even know, I was on a solo hike. But I would know. So I didn’t, and that felt really, really good. It was a beautiful moment of perseverance and discipline with a wonderful view at the end!
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled: Thailand!! My most recent travel has been three months in Koh Phangan, one of 42 tropical paradises in the gulf of Thailand. The people, food, endless energy, and happy community I found while earning my 200 hour yoga teacher certification far exceeded my expectations!
  • Favorite hobbies: I love so many things, it’s hard to name them all! Learning new things and earning certifications is a passion of mine. Hiking and backpacking, of course! Any water-related activity, traveling, roadtrips. Basically any activity that can be labeled under “self-improvement,” reading, yoga (really, really love yoga as it translates on and off the mat!), meditating, running, laughing, playing, loving, learning, and making connections with beautiful souls!
  • What are you most excited for this summer? I’m most looking forward to the TEN-minute long hug I’ll be giving my best friend that I met last summer through AT! I’m also already feeling the anticipation of meeting the new staff and amazing students that choose to dedicate a portion of their summer to get outside!
  • Previous Adventure Treks trips include Yellowstone Teton Adventure