Ethan K

Originally from southeast Michigan, Ethan recently worked as an exercise specialist, leading group classes and working with healthcare providers to implement workout routes for clients and patients. He has also worked as a trip coordinator at Michigan State University, leading students on hiking and climbing trips to the Red River Gorge and Big Bend National Park.

  • Education: Michigan State University, bachelor’s degree in kinesiology
  • Certifications: Wilderness first responder
  • Favorite outdoor memory: On a trip in Big Bend National Park, somebody in our group had tweaked her knee and was going to sit out our last hike of the trip. Instead, me and some fellow pack mules took turns carrying her on our backs for the entire hike to make sure nobody was getting left behind. There were a lot of turned heads and sore legs by the end.
  • Favorite outdoor achievement: I climbed the tallest route ever in Red River Gorge. I’m not afraid of heights, but I was very aware of gravity for all 90 feet of it.
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled: I can’t choose between Yellowstone and Big Bend! I went to Yellowstone on a family road trip, and it was one of the first national parks I ever visited. I spent a week camping in Big Bend with MSU Outdoors Club on a spring break. Lots of great memories attached to both!
  • Favorite hobbies: I love anything that gets me moving! Climbing, weight lifting, hiking, and yoga are some of my favorites.
  • What are you most excited for this summer? I cannot wait to learn the ways that Adventure Treks shares the outdoors with our students. I’m crazy about anything outside, and sharing this passion with others is one of my favorite parts about it. I’m also very excited to get to know the students and instructors! I’m very much looking forward to becoming a part of this community.