Support staff

A Salt Lake City, UT, native, Sarah returns to Adventure Treks for her ninth season as support staff. She began her outdoor career as a counselor for several YMCA camps before transitioning to a program leader for Camp Kostopulos, a non-profit organization in Utah that provides recreational opportunities for kids and adults with special needs. She was the assistant expedition director for Green River Preserve in western North Carolina, training instructors to lead multi-day trips in the Outer Banks, Blue Ridge Mountains in the southeast, and San Juan Mountains in Colorado. The past few winters, Sarah was a ski instructor at Big Sky Resort in Montana, and also recently worked at a residential treatment center for teenagers.

  • Education: University of Utah; bachelor’s degree in parks, recreation, and tourism
  • Medical certification: Wilderness first responder; PSIA alpine level 1, children’s specialist, and adaptive
  • Biggest outdoor achievement: A pack-rafting trip in southern Utah: It rained—and then snowed!— on our 10-mile hike out of a canyon on slick rock.
  • Favorite hobbies: Currently cultivating my collection of plants, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and painting with watercolors.
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled: Anywhere in a high alpine environment!