A Quick Update…

wpdev20 Jul, 2016

From students Olive and Sarah: Our group revisited the Matanuska Glacier and we split into two groups to traverse across the area. We learned different techniques with walking with crampons uphill and downhill. After an hour or two of learning about glaciers, the two groups combined. Together, we all learned how to repel down the ice, which was a new experience for many people. After we all tried repelling in different areas, we gathered everything and left the glacier. We got into the vans and drove back to the campsites for a quick derig. After dropping off most of our gear, we left the camp to go zip lining close by! We all got a chance to go zip lining, seeing an amazing view and holding up poses. We came back to camp and half of the group prepared for their student dinner, which was a Pad Thai dish with peanut butter sauce. We all ate and had evening meeting. It was an amazing and exciting day!


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