A Rafting Update and Photos

wpdev09 Aug, 2016

An update from student Shea:

Today we woke up at the prime time of 5:30 a.m... That may seem as a terrible time to wake up, but we were #blessed and had Sandcastles by Beyoncé playing and had a great day of rafting ahead of us. We scrambled out of our tents and ate a breakfast of assorted cereals and yogurt. We loaded up the vans where many of us slept but we enjoyed more Beyoncé on the way to the rafts. Once we arrived, we were greeted again by Dave, Dave, Dave and Jeff. We separated into our rafting groups and hopped into the boats. I sat in the front with Kaine and we led the group to victory down through the rapids and were instructed by Dave from Ireland. About one mile in, there was a 15-foot cliff jump into the water that was optional. I chose to jump despite my worries to miss the spot that we were supposed to land. Lisa convinced me that I was going make it. Luckily, I made it out alive. We continued to paddle down the six-mile river that had many dips, and we were splashed more than desired however it was so much fun. After we finished we hopped back into the vans and drove back into Oregon and  ate lunch at a beautiful park where we saw an amazing dog that Max and Sophia played fetch with. We are now on our way to take our showers and call home. Although today was the last day, we all got to spend time together and still have lots of fun. I have had a great time on this trip and have so many new friends. I hope to see everyone again and cannot wait for next year to come around and make so many more memories.

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