An update and photos from mountain biking

wpdev25 Jul, 2016

An update from trip leader Tess and instructor Bri:

Yesterday was our first day of splitting the group in half and venturing out for a day of mountain biking and climbing. I was in the mountain biking group with Brad, Ryan A., Ryan B., Sam, Liv, Laney, Michael, Marge, Eliza, Jeremy, and Hailey. We are lucky enough to be staying at a campsite where we can access the Lake Sisiykou right from camp! The group learned biking skills and safety from our biking instructor John before we headed out for a loop around the beautiful Lake Sisiykou. The views of Mt. Shasta from the trail were not only pleasant scenery but also an inspiration for our upcoming summit attempt in just a few days. While on trail, students got a healthy combo of challenging and more relaxed trails, including a decent section of narrow single-track to really get the feel of more advanced mountain biking. After a hot California day, many dust-covered students were treated to ice cream to cool off a bit and relax.
When we got back to camp, it was time for the climbing group to make dinner for that evening. They cooked up a storm and served the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup with a side salad that was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and we can’t forget the worms and dirt for dessert!
All around a great day of biking and being outside in beautiful California. Today we are switching groups, so the bikers from yesterday will go climbing with instructor Zach and will have a report out from the climbers soon!

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