An Update from Whitewater Kayaking

wpdev06 Aug, 2016

An update from instructor Ari:

A big hello from the Klickitat River, where we joined forces with Wet Planet, our whitewater kayaking guide company. Over the last three days, we’ve explored the Klickitat to learn the basics of whitewater kayaking. We first paddled in calm, still water, practicing T-rescues and paddle strokes that would enable us to navigate the rapids in the coming days. Students had fun splashing in the icy water and getting comfortable with their boats and equipment.

Our students learned fast: By day two, everyone was crushing class II rapids like they’d been paddling for weeks! By the third day, we learned out to eddy out, enter swift currents, and maneuver our boats in different whitewater conditions, like surfing small cyclic waves. We even finished on a class III rapid!

Spirits were high as students came out of each rapid, grinning ear to ear, shouting triumphantly and cheering each other on. In the wake of Mt. Adams, this new sport offered a refreshing escape from being on our feet all day and having another backpack on the horizon. We are excited how the community has evolved over the last week, with these new adventures bringing the students to a supportive mindset. Next, we’re off to the Goat Rocks for a final journey in the beautiful Cascades!


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