Canoeing Update

wpdev07 Jul, 2016

A quick update from student Poppy:  A few days ago we went out on the Santeetlah Lake on canoes. We loaded the boats with three days worth of food and gear, and we somehow still fit in the canoes. We had a fun time paddling, even though it was a long ways to go! The views were amazing and the water was perfect! We started looking out for our campsite we planned on staying in. To our surprise, almost every single camp site was taken but one! We stopped there and went for a quick swim in the lake. That night for evening meeting we had a very interesting talk about Russian history and anime. We woke up the next morning and made a decision that we would have to cut the trip short and travel back that day. The day was rough as we were facing a big head wind, but we powered through! Although the plans changed a little, it was still an amazing trip and we all had a bunch of fun! When we returned to camp that day all the canoe groups were high energy so we played a lot of games and got super silly! The silliness continued with a sugar rush with pancake breakfast the next morning!


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