Chattooga Rafting

wpdev30 Jul, 2016

A quick update from student Samantha: Today was our first day rafting.  At first, it went a little slow because there were no big rapids to go over. The water level was low so our boat kept getting stuck. We finally got to a six foot drop. It was terrifying and I screamed so loud!!!  It was really exciting though, and luckily nobody fell out. We then got to a second rapid and after we went over it in a boat, we got to swim down. This was also kinda scary and I got water in my nose. A group of us went down altogether and that was real fun. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome!!

A quick update from student Jason: Today was awesome! We woke up early and cleaned up camp. We then had a singing filled 2 hour van ride up to the white water rafting place. Alicia, Gavin Claire and I were in a raft together with our super awesome guide Maggie. We went through some awesome rapids and by some miracle survived them all. We went down a class IV rapid called Bull Sluice which was a huge rapid we all got wet on. Then another rapid was one that we didn’t need rafts for so it was like a water slide. Then after a while there was a calm part where Zack threw Alicia out of the boat. Then Spencer tried to throw me out but I was able to thow him out instead! Then we had fried rice for dinner. Now we’re gonna have some super awesome banana boats for dessert.

A quick update from student Quinn: Today we woke up super early and went back to the Chattooga River.  After we watched a safety video and got our gear, we got in the water and started to paddle.  Some of the highlights include going off of a 7 foot drop (I fell out), jumping off of a large rock into the water, walking under a water fall, and swimming through an underwater tunnel.  Afterwards, it started to rain and we all got really cold, but lucky the giftshop sold sweatshirts. Overall, the guides were really energetic and happy and all the activities were really fun and I’m so glad I got the chance to go!


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