Chugach Backpack

wpdev10 Jul, 2016
A quick update from students Sophie and Audrey: We just got back from our second backpack in the Chugach National and State Parks. Both groups saw glaciers, mountains, and plenty of wildlife. Our group had a really great hike with perfect weather (compared to Denali). We had a good hike and set up camp at a reasonable hour. Our downtime included the beginning of “Savage Quest” (a game of trickery that lasted the entire backpack) and one of Jeremy’s card games.
The next day was a day hike for both groups, ours being one to Glacier Lake. There were many interesting conversations. Some of the boys talked about mermaids. We talked about sports and home decor. That night, history was made in the AT backcountry. When Holden didn’t have a gluten-free alternative to pita bread, Natalie and Talley succeeded in making a gluten-free pizza crust from oatmeal! Not only did it provide Holden with food, but it provided entertainment for the rest of us.
We hiked out the next day, took showers, and listened to Justin Bieber on the way to Matanuska glacier, where we will be spending three days ice climbing. Stay tuned!!

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