French Broad River Canoe Photos

wpdev27 Jul, 2016

An update from student Meghan:

This was our second day on the canoe trip, and we had to go 15 miles. Dock taught us about the strainers in our river safety clinic, and we saw many of those on the river today. At lunch, we saw cows in the river and they chased us, but it was fun. After a while it started to rain, so we had to take a break and played in the rain.  We had a lot of fun! ????

An update from student Zach:

Today we woke up and went canoeing 15 miles down the French Broad River—it was super fun! We were the second group so we waited for the first group to leave. First we had to pull off the river because of a storm—it was lit. Me and my canoe partner flipped after hitting a low tree. GAVIN TOOK A RIVER NATURE POOP!!!!!! We had to wait for Gavin to get done then went on with the trip.


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