Ice Climbing

wpdev18 Jul, 2016

A quick update from student Paula: Ice climbing today was super cool. We learned how to use our crampons, and ice picks. We also learned that the Glacier reflects the sun back to our faces and can cause a sunburn. We learned techniques to move up the Glacier while being safe. The most exciting thing we learned was how to belay each other. While belaying we had to be ‘chill’ and not freak out. All and all today was an ‘ice’ day!

A quick update from student Thayne: Today we began a new segment of our adventure by starting ice climbing.  Everyone woke up at 6:30 A.M. to get prepared for the day. Once everyone was ready, we met up with some of the guides at Mica Adventures. Next, they helped fit us with helmets, harnesses, boots, and crampons. After that, we all drove to the Matanuska Glacier and hiked to the area where we would be climbing. The guides then gave us an introduction to ice climbing. We climbed for 2 hours, learned how to belay, then climbed for another hour. Everyone had an awesome afternoon filled with learning and fun. Later in the day, we started student dinner by splitting into 2 groups. The first group played games while the second group made dinner (the first group is making dinner the next day). The second group made Chili Mac, a dish that is composed of macaroni and cheese mixed with chili. For desert, we made pudding with crushed Oreos in it. We had a great day filled with awesome fun and great food


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