Logistics Day

wpdev08 Jul, 2016

A quick update from student Jake: Hey! We just had a great time rafting on the Chatoooooga! The first day I rode with my instructor Alicia, and my friends Poppy and Yesica. We had an awesome adventure and some “flowing” conversations (no pun intended). Also, we rode down a 8 ft rapid and we didn’t flip! We also rode on a nature waterside and had fun crushing the Rapids! Our team was on a super cool boat. We started out as good friends and left the raft as an even closer team.

A quick update from instructor Jenna: We added some wow on logistics day while dressing up in crazy outfits and going into public places such as the grocery store and laundromat. This day was finished off with some ice cream and swimming in the lake! On the fourth of July, we had a cookout and then a dance party with sparklers and even fireworks!


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